Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yahoo's David Chalian Fired Over Romney Remark

Yahoo fired one of its bureau chiefs for a remark that he made on an open mic. During the broadcast, Chalian can be heard saying that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann were "not concerned at all" and "happy to have a party with black people drowning."

It seems that according to liberals like Chalian, the entire world should stop what it is doing whenever a storm comes around somewhere. It also appears Chalian and his ilk believe that Hurricane Isaac is only drowning black people. I guess they are not educated enough to know a large percentage of the population in that area is white. But, hey, let's not let facts get in the way of their bigotry.

But the real story is behind the scenes at HuffPost (again), where the liberals were making the most outrageous and hateful comments. The level of ignorance, dishonesty and downright stupidy is amazing. Here are just a few, for your amusement. As usual, I have added my response to each of these moronic lemmings...


"The issue here is he was telling the truth and it's supposed to not be said out-loud. It's the same issue that the "black man" always dies first in these new action movies. It's put in the story-line so it's an acceptable practice and it shows in this political campaign. It's alright to demean the black, lie about the black, for he's not supposed to have a job for the white-man. Even when he has corrected their failure. When racism is eliminated, then men won't get fired for this type of ignorance. " [REPLY - it's hard to respond to a rant that has no substance, or truth, for that matter. The insinuation here is that Republicans are racist. Sane people know that is not true. It was a Republican that freed the slaves. And Republicans passed the Civil Rights Act that was opposed by, and even filibustered by Democrats. Republicans have elected numerous African Americans to high office, and many others, like Condi Rice, have been appointed to cabinet positions.]

Mrs Norman
 "It's true!!!!" [REPLY - no, it is not, and you know it. And if you do not know it, then you are ignorant.]

"Tough when the truth hits the air waves. Then you get fired" [REPLY - another lib lemming who believes the Democrat lie that Republicans are racist. Tell that to Condi Rice, Allen West, or any number of other prominent black Republicans.The true racists are people like this clown who try to label others as racist]

"The facts are the facts, Jack, and the RNC has been anti black for many years. They parade a few token blacks out at each election to make the dum think there not anti black but just look at the states that are almost all repubilcan where poor education ( some counties have up to 40% of people who can not read or write ) and such low paying jobs if there are any that most of them have to go on welfare." [REPLY - talk about extreme ignorance and a total lack of knowledge! First, they are NOT "facts". You just wish they were. And the RNC cannot very well be anti-black, since the previous elected RNC chairperson was Michael Steele, a BLACK man. And you call others dumb when you cannot even spell "dumb". And of the red "Republican" states, they have the lowest unemployment (7 of 10) and highest test scores. Get a clue.]
"Well, is it true? They drowned Cain politically. Why are there not any black Republican? Seems like serious self-image problems. The same can be said of women. They must like being oppressed and controlled." [REPLY - It's amazing how many liberals are so willing to believe lies propagated by their leaders. No one drowned Cain, politically - he just wasn't up to the job. Nor were several WHITE candidates, Bubba! Or do you think we also drowned Gingrich, Pawlenty, Santorum, Bachmann... And there are many black Republicans - West, Rice, Cain and many, many others.Same with women - Ingraham, Colter, Palin, several sitting governors, Condi Rice... Why do you insist on spreading lies that you KNOW are lies?]

"rehire the man what he said was the truth!" [REPLY - You obviously would not know the truth if it walked up and slapped you in the face.]

"Why apologize? The truth is the truth. Unless you are rich and white the Republican party doesn't care. If you are a female, minority or poor they don't care...there's no money in it! ' [REPLY - you really need a dose of education. 11 of the 15 wealthiest people are DEMOCRATS. 7 of the 10 wealthiest people in Congress are DEMOCRATS. And it is Republicans that keep trying to LIFT minorities out of poverty while Democrats keep trying to keep them poor and under their thumb. That's what welfare reform was all about, and the stats show it worked. Dems give them a hand OUT. Repubs give them a hand UP. And are you REALLY so stupid that you don't realize Republicans have wives, mothers, sisters and daughters? Do you think we do not care about them? If you really think that, then your I.Q. isn't even in double digits. It is scary to think that idiots like you can actually vote (assuming someone with a brain can show you how)]


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