Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liberals Say RNC Speaker Did NOT "Build it on his own"

At the RNC convention with the theme "We DID Build It", Phil Archuletta, the owner of P&M Signs in New Mexico, spoke about building his business.

But leave it to the liberals (like HuffPost/AOL) to claim he did NOT build his business "without government help."

According to government data, Archuletta saw over $340,000 in federal contracts in 2010, and has taken $716,500 in loans guaranteed by the government.

Now here is where the liberals just don't seem to get it - a federal contract is not a gift, nor is it "government help." The guy is in business, the government hired him because he won the bid and they paid him for work that he did, just like any other customer. No more, no less. That does not constitute "government help." It constitutes getting paid for services rendered. Archuletta helped the government by providing his services, not vice versa.

As for "loan guaranteed by the government - those are not loans FROM the government. The government did not give him a cent. They simply guaranteed the loan by assuring the bank that if he should default, THEN the government would make good on the loan.

But that is not even the whole of it. According to HuffPost's government sources, Archuletta has received government contracts for ten years. But he started his business in 1972 - that's FORTY YEARS AGO. So, HuffPost, he DID build it himself. It was built three decades before he started getting fed contracts.

Liberals are getting so insane. To them, if the government does not put you against a wall and shoot you, then they have helped you by letting you live.

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