Thursday, August 23, 2012

More Obama Corruption

Reported by the Wall Street Jourmnal and other sources: A refinery in a swing state is facing bankruptcy because of expensive regulations forced by the Obama EPA. Oh, but this is an election year - can't afford to lay off those 850 workers in a swing state!

So, the government virtually takes over the refinery to keep those people employed through the election. He then calls the EPA and at his request, they relax all those regulations for that refinery. Result: no dramatic increase in gas prices in his precious liberal Northeast colonies n(all blue states), and 850 Pennsylvania workers keep their jobs and can feed their families. And a swing state leans further to Obama. Another state purchased by Obama.

Call it what you like - it is CORRUPTION.

If that refinery were facing bankruptcy NEXT year instead of this, the government would never have bailed them out or asked the EPA to relax regulations. Not a chance.


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