Friday, August 10, 2012

Department of (in)Justice Strikes Again

We currently have the absolute worst Department of Justice in the history of America. Under the  partisan, incompetent Eric Holder, the DOJ has made one wrong move after another. Just a few, of many...

Wanted to try the terrorist Sheik in New York City

Dropped charges of voter intimidation against Black Panthers already found guilty

Has sued several states for a variety of partisan reasons

Presided over "Fast & Furious", got a border agent murdered, and held in contempt of Congress

And has now dropped charges against Goldman-Sachs, the powerful bank that actually created the mess that caused the economic failure these last few years. No one will be held responsible.

I'm not surprised at any of these moves by that corrupt Chicago thug, partoicularly the last one - since Goldman-Sachs people are IN the administration, is providing financial support for their campaign, and I'll bet several administration officials will end up working at GS after we, the people, kick their butts out of Washington.


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