Friday, August 24, 2012

Anderson Cooper Catches DNC Chair In ANOTHER Lie

This blog has pointed out several instances where the DNC chair and sitting Senator Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has told out and out bald-faced lies, knowing they were lies. Yesterday, the liberal media finally caught on, having caught her in yet another obvious lie designed to manufacture and fuel the Democrats' bogus claim that Republicans are waging a "war on women".

Wasserman-Schultz has often stated that Romney and Ryan both are fighting to prevent abortions even in cases of rape and incest. Most informed people know that is untrue, but just to be sure, the liberal Los Angeles Times researched that, and determined that those statements were NOT true, that both Romney and Ryan oppose abortion EXCEPT in cases of rape, incest and health of the mother.

Wasserman-Schultz immediately sends out an email to Democrats all across the land stating that the LA Times proved she was right, when in fact the opposite was true. She claimed the Times supported her assertion. It was a lie, and she knew it!

In an interview, Cooper called her on it, and showed her that the times disputed her phony claims. He also proved that Romney and Ryan have stated many times that they would allow exceptions for rape, incest and health of the mother.

Wasserman-Schultz' response? "Well, yes, that is what they SAY, but that is not what is in their hearts."

So Comrade Wasserman-Schultz has become God, able to know what is in someone's heart. And she uses that as an excuse to lie.

But that's not the worst of what this bimbo said. She also told Cooper that, even though her claims are lies, she will continue sending those emails. In other words, she will knowingly and intentionally keep telling lies.

And to think this is the person the Democrats chose to represent their party by electing her chair of the DNC.


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