Thursday, August 23, 2012

Liberals Post Their Hate & Disrespect Of Women

Today, Huffpost/AOL, ever the "news" source for far-left lunatics, posted a non-story slamming the women of Fox News. The topic was that Fox News ladies all depend heavily upon make-up to look beautiful, while the women on liberal news channels (such as Rachel Maddow) use very little make-up.

I won't belabor the simple fact that there is not enough make-up in Hollywood to make Maddow look beautiful - she is what she is and need not apologize for it. But in "siding" with liberal news women, HuffPost actually insulted them by excusing their lack of beauty.

But the real proof that most average liberals are sexist, mysogynistic, hateful and disrespectful is found in the hundreds of comments they posted on the story. If you ever doubted the purely hateful nature of everyday liberals, check out these comments (each followed by my response)...

dave elliott

"if being liberal is wrong i dont want to be right" [REPLY - don't worry - you're not]
"With all that lip gloss, they look like hookers on the make for a trick." that's rich, simply rich! and true.  [REPLY - You have real class (not), calling women "hookers" just because they use lip gloss. And stating it as a true fact only proves your hatefulness and ignorance.]

I'm Fairly balanced [REPLY] You forgot the "UN" in front of "balanced"]
"All the makeup in the world won't cover the lack of substance beneath." [REPLY - There is more substance on Fox in 5 minutes than on MSNBC in a full season. But it is especially ignorant and disrespectful of you to say the ladies have no substance. Unlike you, all all college grads, most are lawyers]

"Yea Wretched Carlson's hair is so stiff she is legal to ride a motorcycle without a helmet." [REPLY - Typical "HuffPost Super User" - hate, hate, hate (with a lot of jealousy mixed in] 

"Empty barrels make the most noise. Fox News girls remind me of the Hefner's girls. The sharpest contrast to them is Rachel Maddow. Rachel is a scholar, astute, deep thinker, analytical, investigative, honest and courageous. Rachel has all the great journalistic and human qualities you will not find in the minds of the Foxy babes." [REPLY - Wow! You think Rachel Maddow is SO much smarter, investigative etc. Sorry to burst your bubble of ignorance and hate, but Greta - an attorney - has greater access to the newsmakers and does in-depth investigations, unlike Maddow who simply regurgitates the NYT. As for your assertion that Fox ladies are not smart, it makes one wonder how they all managed to get law degrees, Masters Degrees etc., while little ol' you apparently had difficulty getting through Junior High.]

"I don't understand the question. Most whores wear that much makeup..." [REPLY - Now this is the hate and disrespect that liberals have for women. You can see it in their mindless posts. Yet the lib media jumped on Todd Akin for much less.]

"They're republicans. Covering stuff up is what they do best." [REPLY - You are the most ignorant of all! Kirsten Powers is a liberal Democrat. Greta Van Susteren is a Democrat. As for your stupid assertion that it is Republicans that "cover things up", I would suggest you revisit Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, Eliot Spitzer and a host of other Democrats who tried "covering up". Republicans, on the other hand, tend to own up to their errors.]

GOP lies in harmony
"I've seen better looking blow up dolls. And they are smarter too!" [REPLY - I'm sure you have seen better looking blow-up dolls. How many do you have, anyway? And do any of them have law degrees? Masters?]

"Why Do Fox News Anchors Wear So Much Makeup?"
Because they didn't want them to be ugly inside AND out? [REPLY - Ignorance, hate, disrespect. The war on women comes from the left, not the right. Just how stupid and ignorant must one be to say the Fox ladies are ugly? Sounds like jealousy.]

"I hardly think of the Fox women as Super-smart or attractive. I see them at the other end of the spectrum." [REPLY - compared to your comment, you certainly are not at all smart. I would bet any one of the Fox ladies has a much higher I.Q. than you, and a better education. And the fact that you do not find any of them attractive only means you are either blind, or queer.]

Dave F
"Given that beauty is only skin deep, it's no surprise they wear that much makeup. Under bright lighting conditions of a studio, their reptilian nature starts to become visible." [REPLY - it's pretty apparent that the hatred, anger, jealousy and disrespect for women is a trait of the left. I watch the blogs and comments regularly from both liberal and conservative angles, and I rarely see this kind of vitriol come from the right. But is is normal conversation on the left.]

Case closed


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