Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gay Shoots Up Family Research Center

A man associated with LGBT shot up the Family Research Center in Washington, wounding a security guard. But that is not the real story. The real story is more disconcerting.

Liberal groups like Huffington Post and Southern Poverty Law Center call the Family Research Center a "hate group" simply because the FRC stands for right to life and traditional marriage. In other words, they are Christian, with Christian ethics. But liberals have a problem with Christian ethics and label any group that has such ethics as a hate group. And they do NOT condemn those who commit violence against such groups. In fact, they encourage it by labeling these organizations as hate groups, and firing whackos up to go out and commit violence. Just 18 hours before this shooting, Huffington Post referred to FRC as a "hate group" that hated gays, even though the FRC does NOT hate gays - they simply believe in the traditional definition of marriage.

Liberals are sick in the head. They cannot allow anyone to have opposing views. They have a pschycopathic need to bully anyone who disagrees with them, even to the point of violence. 99% of the time that one or more persons are involved in a violent act for political reasons, the perps are liberal. It is most unusual to find anyone on the right who physically attacks those with opposing views.

Even our liberal president, vice president, Senate Majority leader and former House Speaker, all liberals, relentlessly attack conservatives and conservative values. Just the other day VP Biden said Republicans want to put African Americans back in chains. He knows that is untrue, but said it to a group of African Americans for the sole purpose of getting them fired up. Biden is very lucky that his stupid rhetoric did not fire some psycho up to the point of killing someone.

Here is a message to Huffington Post and other liberal groups who use their public platform to instigate violence, hate and division - when some moron like the gay man who shot up the FRC commits an act of violence, the fault lies with YOU. You become responsible, and if you keep up the BS, the people of America will turn against you.


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