Saturday, August 11, 2012

Proof The Left INSISTS On Being Ignorant

OK, so educated, informed people (i.e. not ignorant) know certain facts - an Obama SuperPac put out an ad that accuses Mitt Romney of killing some guys wife because the guys company, in which Bain invested, went belly up and his wife later died of cancer. Hence, Romney was responsible for her death.

The other facts we know are that a) Romney left Bain 2 years before the guys' company declared bankruptcy, b) Bain had offered to buy the employees out, and THIS guy refused, c) the man's wife had her OWN insurance from the thrift store she worked at, which had no affiliation with Bain, d) that she lost her thrift store job, and hence her insurance, and e) it was SIX YEARS LATER that she died of cancer. Hence, neither her death nor her loss of insurance had anything to do with Romney or Bain.

We know these facts because, unlike the morons on the left, who revel in their ignorance, we bothered to learn the facts from various fact-check organizations. And even Many Democrats have backed it up.

But that does not stop the uninformed (i.e. ignorant) loons on the far left, like these idiots posting on HuffPost:


"basically Romney did help kill her - by the time she went to the hospital sick the cancer was all through her body and she died a few days later. But losing her healthcare coverage (the real story) and being unable to afford regular checkups (as Romney et al support or even cheer on) was the real "death panel."

And catch THIS guy's handle and description of himself:


reads, investigates and thinks before making stupid posts
"Mitt's company did it, guilty as charged."

[Ed. note: but he STILL makes "stupid posts", despite supposedly reading, investingating and thinking]

DickRay Schliep

"The add [sic] is 100% accurate. Romney was in charge of Bain, this man lost his insurance and wife ,, all facts. When you and your company are chipped up and sold off or closed you loose everything for the financial gain of a few Bain investors."

"Wow for an ad that hasn't even RUN......OMG they must be quaking in their BOOTS..And the irony of them saying that the ad is almost likely illegal??? Obama is not ALLOWED to have anything to do with the PAC......."

Unbelievable - this last idiot does not even know that the ad has been running for a week, but still thinks he is informed enough, and smart enough to post his opinion. Talk about ignorance!

Another fact that INFORMED people are aware of - the Obama campaign has been shown to be tied to this ad from the SuperPac. The same guy was recorded in a conference call to the Obama campaign last spring, telling them this same story.

But idiots like these are not really at fault - their only fault lies in not bothering to get informed. The real culprit is the Mainstream Media, which spreads all this misleading misinformation because they are in the tank for Obama and the far-left.

But hey, this is America. The idiots on the far-left have a Constitutional right to be as ignorant as they wish. Too bad they are also allowed to vote - it's like giving thieves the keys to your home.


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