Thursday, August 16, 2012

Liberals Claim To Be Less Intelligent Than Conservatives

You read that correctly - liberals spend a lot of time telling us that they are not very bright. If you doubt that, keep your ears open.

Every time I turn around some liberal is saying something that is either stupid or an out-right lie, as when Biden said Republicans want to "put y'all back in chains", or when Obama was caught saying to Joe the Plumber that he wanted to redistribute the wealth, or when Obama said Ryan was blocking the farm bill that Ryan had actually passed. In the last 30 days alone, I have counted 21 such incidents.

Now here's the kicker - in every case, liberals jump to their defense by saying, and I quote, "What he MEANT to say was..."

What do they mean by that? They are saying that the speaker is too stupid or ignorant or deceitful to say what he or she really means.

Liberals like to say that Obama is the smartest guy around, yet every time he says something stupid, the liberal pundits jump in with, "What he meant to say..."

So, are they saying Obama is not smart after all? That he is incapable of saying what he really means? All that time at Harvard and Occidental and he needs some low I.Q. pundit like Chris Matthews to clean up after him.

"What Obama was really saying..."
"What Pelosi meant to say..."
"What Reid really meant was..."
"What Biden was trying to say is..."

Listening to liberals is confusing. They say dumb or offensive things, and then follow up with dumber statements trying to defend the first statement. I do not think I can count high enough to count the times Jay Carney, Alan Colmes or Tamara Holder have used the phrase, "Whe he/she MEANT was..."

It is apparent that the leaders of the Democrat party are ignorant fools who need idiot pundits to do their speaking for them because they are utterly incapable of speaking for themselves without some pundit trying to rewrite it and twist it into something more acceptable to the public.


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