Saturday, August 25, 2012

Lib Media Manufactures Phony Romney Story

Once again the Huffington Post/Aol liberals have created out of thin air, with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, an anti-romney story. While it is normal for liberals to prevaricate at every opportunity in order to win by deception, this one in particular shows their intent. The headline reads:

"Romney's Tax Strategy May Have Employed Legally Dubious Maneuvers"

Now don't forget - they have not seen but one tax return, and nothing "legally dubious" was found - if there had been even a hint of that, it would be all over the media. And despite not having even seen Romney's taxes, HuffPost prints a completely bogus story about how Romney MAY have employed "legally dubious maneuvers".

They are taking after Harry Reid, who also uses the "MAY" technique to create unfounded rumors. "Romney MAY not have paid taxes." and now "Romney MAY have used illegal strategies" on the very same taxes Reid says he MAY not have paid. Which is it?

Well, to all the brain-dead HuffPost fans and other liberals, I would like to point out that HuffPost MAY HAVE been involved in the Aurora shootings, and Harry Reid MAY HAVE molested children.

We know those statements have no foundation of facts, but that does not matter - they are not being stated as facts. And that is the basis of propaganda, deception by false rumors. And the liberals use it as a regular part of their agenda to brainwash their uninformed followers.

Yet I wonder - did HuffPost and Reid learn how to tell bald-faced lies from Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, or did they all learn it from the Socialist Saul Alinsky? Anyone who has ever read Alinsky's book knows the answer to that - telling lies and using propaganda to deceive is the #1 method proposed by Alinsky. It is also the core of the book "Mein Kampf", by Adoilf Hitler.

And, yes, so there is no doubt - I AM comparing the methods of the far-left liberals to those of Hitler, simply because they are identical.


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