Thursday, June 27, 2013

When Is An Apology Due?

As you probably know by now, Paula Deen has lost her job, her career is tumbling out of control, and she has spent the last several days apologizing to the world for using the dreaded "N" word thirty years ago.

Paula Deen should NOT have apologized to ANYONE. Here's why...

The only time an apology is due is when you say or do something that harms one or more people. You do NOT owe an apology for simply "offending" someone. Ms. Deen's inappropriate language did not harm even one of the people who have demanded an apology. Not a one. Nor did it harm the Food Network. In fact, none of them had even known about her use of the "N" word until she brought it up 30 years later.

No one should ever apologize for simply offending someone else. Liberals - usually the ones demanding people spend their lives groveling and apologizing for this or that - have an inherent need to have power over others. It is mostly liberals who pass laws that give government power over us (like zoning laws). And putting people on their knees, apologizing to others, empowers liberals. Nothing makes a liberal happier than to exercise power over another by forcing them into subservience. That is why they push welfare on the poor, and pass laws that violate our freedoms (have you ever encountered a Homeowner's Association that prohibits flying a flag, or having a block party? Then you have encountered little liberals trying to be big).

But here is a newsflash, folks - if, as liberals believe, we should apologize for offending someone else, then every single one of us would spend our entire lives groveling and apologizing, because every one of us is guilty of offending someone, somewhere, every minute of the day.

Are you a Christian? Your very existence offends Muslims. Are you American? You would not believe how many people THAT offends - even some other Americans, like Sean Penn or Danny Glover. And if you believe in a right to life, you offend pro-abortion folks (and vice versa). If you eat meat, you offend vegetarians. If you think collecting welfare is a career choice, you offend those who pay taxes.You cannot exist without offending someone.

And that is precisely why you should never apologize for merely being offensive. The only time to apologize is when your words or deeds cause harm, and even then you only owe an apology to THAT person. You do not owe an apology to the world. If you use the "N" word to describe someone, then you owe THAT person an apology, but you do NOT owe an apology to the world.

Paula Deen never caused me harm. She does not owe me an apology. Nor you. Nor the Food Network. Nor any of the people calling for her head.

John Wayne almost had it right in "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" when he said, "Never apologize, Corporal - it's a sign of weakness."

I would change that to, "Never apologize to anyone you have not harmed - it's a sign of weakness."

And I would particularly not apologize to anyone, ever, for being who I am. And neither should you.


True Immigration Reform

The Senate is currently getting ready to push through a bogus "immigration reform" bill that will do absolutely nothing to reform immigration. That's because a) DHS reserves the right to NOT build the fence required, b) 19,600 new border agents would not even begin to get hired until 2017, and c) there is no accountability to ensure things get done. In other words, it's 1986 all over again - promises of securing the border, but promises that do not have to be kept.

Here is true immigration reform, and it is incredibly simple...

1) Any immigrant who wants to come here to work will be allowed to come through the front door and have a work visa, provided they pass a records check and get immunized. Since honest, working immigrants are welcome through the font gate, this would assure that any immigrant "sneaking" over the border is coming for nefarious purposes (drugs, terrorism etc.), so...

2) The border must be made secure, and anyone found sneaking in will be assumed to be a criminal or terrorist and imprisoned until he/she can be deported.

E-Verify should be mandatory, to insure the "working" immigrant is actually seeking employment.

Simple. Then let us see which Democrats are willing to NOT secure the border FIRST, knowing that only criminals and terrorists would be sneaking in. What excuse would Democrats have? How could they defend the choice to not secure the border?

I would certainly like to hear the whacky, convoluted excuses they would use to be able to keep the borders porous...

Friday, June 21, 2013

America's New Culture of Slavery

In 1640, America had it's very first slave - a man by the name of John Punch. In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln put forth the Emancipation Proclamation which was to end slavery in America.

But in 1965, slavery was reintroduced to America, and millions of people - predominantly minorities - have fallen victim to the new culture of American Slavery.

Let's take a closer look...

As an example, picture the typical southern plantation in 1830. The plantation owner provided food, clothing and shelter to the plantation slaves. In return, the slaves performed as the masters wanted. Slaves were denied education. Got the picture?

In 1965 president Lyndon B Johnson reintroduced slavery by creating his "welfare state" known as his War on Poverty. 15% of Americans, predominantly black, were in poverty. Today, nearly 50 years and trillions of dollars later, the poverty rate is still 15%, mostly blacks. In other words, trillions in welfare has done nothing to reduce poverty. Nothing!

Today, the federal government (i.e. the Great Plantation) provides food, clothing and shelter to the impoverished (slaves). These people are also denied a proper education, whereas liberal Democrats refuse to allow school vouchers that would provide better education.

In other words, these liberal Democrats, who dole out the welfare and deny a good education to the "poor" - mostly blacks and hispanics - have turned them into chattel - slaves. And as long as they "perform as expected" (vote Democrat and dare not better themselves) the freebies will continue.

Those who are "career" welfare recipients are slaves. They have been enslaved by liberals who insist on buying their support by keeping the freebies flowing. These career welfare recipients are addicted, just as if welfare were any powerful drug.

Drug addicts are slaves to their addiction. And so are welfare addicts.

And guess what? When a black person manages to better themselves by shaking free of the chains of welfare, and he or she votes Republican, they are mocked, chastised and called every vitriolic name in the book. How dare any slave escape from the plantation!

The Democrats have done nothing but harm to minorities, yet the minorities vote for them at a rate of over 90%. And we know why - they have become addicted to sucking on the public teat at the expense of the rest of us. They have been expertly conned into giving up their future in exchange for a few food stamps and cheap Section 8 housing.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Liberals War On Children

Have you ever noticed that while liberals keep trying to scam us by saying Republicans have a "war on women", or "war on the poor" etc., (none of which have any basis in fact), it is the liberals, themselves, who have been conducting a war on the poor, a war on minorities, and most importantly - a war on children.

The war on the poor & minorities is conducted by enabling them with excessive entitlements, and keeping them dependent upon the government. This literally makes slaves of them. But it is the liberals' war on children that is most dastardly!

It is a fact that liberals are the ones who push unfettered abortions (and this is not just a war on children, but also on minorities since most aborted babies are minorities). Since Roe vs Wade, 54,559,615 babies have been deprived of the right to live. That's almost 55 million, folks. But even that does not show the true nature of liberals.

A 10 year old girl is dying, in need of a lung transplant. Because she is a child, she was denied new lungs. When the parents asked HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to help, she simply said, "someone lives, someone dies", in a callous, thoughtless, heartless diatribe as to why she, the most powerful person in the health care sector, said she could do nothing.

Thank God a federal judge decided HE could do something, and gave the girl the right to a transplant. You can bet the judge was not a liberal.

The point here is that liberals have no use for children - at least, not other people's children. They abort them, deny them equal medical care, and ruin their sense of independence and accomplishment by taking away their incentive to do better in school by making sure ALL children get equally rewarded for EFFORT rather than ACCOMPLISHMENT. Children are denied the right to grow strong through competition. Even dodgeball is outlawed.

On the news last night I heard a middle-school girl tell the journalist that her (liberal) teacher taught her that America is taking over smaller countries that are too poor and weak to defend themselves. Really? Liberals are brainwashing the children, in schools and universities nationwide.

And now we find out that some schools - run by liberals - have secretly conducted retinal scans on the kids. For all we know, they are collecting DNA, too.

Yes, my friend, the liberals are, indeed, waging war on our children. Maybe it is time to wage war on liberals.