Thursday, August 2, 2012

Harry Reid Turns Constitution Upside Down - Again

Over the last few days, Senate Majority Leader (i.e. the Great Deceiver) has been telling lies about Mitt Romney even though he has absolutely no evidence that there is any truth in what he says.

Dirty Harry says that Romney did not pay any taxes for 10 years. Then he says, if that is not true, then Romney needs to prove it is untrue by providing his tax records since Lord knows when.

I guess Dirty Harry, being a liberal moron, has forgotten that here in America the law of the land is "innocent until proved guilty." So, Sir Harry, it is not up to Romney to prove anything (we already KNOW you are a pathological liar), rather, it is up to YOU to prove him guilty. So do so, or shut your lying mouth.

Whatsamatta, Reid - doncha like the Constitution?

We all know what is going on - the Democrats want Romney to give up more tax records in the hope that they can find dirt on him. To get Romney to give up those records, Reid and his evil minions have decided to use lies and slander. They figure if Romney does not give up the records, then it would look like Reid's accusations are true, and if Romney does give up the records, then they can find some stupid little thing they can spin and blow out of proportion. They win either way.

But they win by lies and deceit, and those are tools of Satan. But it appears to be the tools of choice for modern Democrats.


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