Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anti-Hunting Liberals

I don't know about you but I am getting sick and tired of bleeding heart liberals who think hunting wild game is "murder", while all the while they stuff buffalo wings down their hypocritical gullets.

Wild game has a sporting chance to survive. Domestic livestock has no chance. Killing a chicken that has no chance to escape is far more heinous than hunting a wild animal, pitting your wits against theirs.

But these brain-dead liberals don't understand that - to them, anyone who goes into the wild to hunt an animal on its own turf is nothing short than a murdering redneck. Liberals do not seem capable of comprehending that, until recent time, Man had to hunt just to survive, and that even today many people do not have easy access to a supermarket - or they simply cannot afford the prices.

I think that every person who thinks hunting is wrong should not be allowed to eat any meat at any time, because the killing of an animal for food is just that. If a person buys a package of BBQ Ribs, a steak or even deli meats, they have participated in the "murder" of animals.

Get a clue, liberals - there is one undeniable fact of life: NOTHING can live unless something else dies. No exceptions. Everything that lives, consumes. Get used to it.


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