Monday, March 31, 2008

The Politics of Highway Robbery

On the evening news, a soundbyte said that farmer's are going to grow less corn this year.

Many would say, "Big deal." Wise people will see that it is, indeed, a very, very big deal indeed.

Almost everything relies on corn, from ethanol, beef, cereals, pizza,. ice cream - even disposable diapers and batteries. Raising less corn means higher prices for almost everything - and huge profits for the farmers, as demand raises the price they get paid per bushel.

And that is what this is all about. Now that corn is already in short supply due to much of it be8ing used for ethanol (which is a waste, as proven earlier), farmers see an opportunity to hold all Americans hostage, just like OPEC does with oil. When OPEC wants more money, they pump less oil, thereby raising the price per barrel.

As a person obsessed with success, I find this tactic to be more than just deplorable - it should be a felony. It is nothing short of grand larceny. This is the sort of thing that harms everyone, and damages an already weakened economy. As far as I am concerned, if a person or group willfully and with intent choose to act in a way that damages America, that person (or group) are nothing less than domestic terrorists. Whether it is the corn farmers trying to milk us, or Exxon/Mobil, the effect is the same.

We, the people, need to stand up and be counted. It is time to regain control of a country that is out of control. And that is why I suggest that everyone visit American Solutions, read their platform, and if you agree with much of it, sign their petition. It is one way that we, the people, can make our voices heard. Your political party does not matter - this is not a "party" thing. It is an AMERICAN thing!

Monday, March 24, 2008

You Heard It Here First

Well, the proverbial cat may be out of the proverbial bag - and Al Gore and his followers may well be left holding the bag.

I have several blogs, and over the last two years I have written many posts that debunk the junk science behind "global warming" (see earlier posts here as an example). And now it appears that science, itself, is backing up my assumptions.

In the latest news (which you may not hear on the mainstream news for awhile), scientists have discovered a few important things:

1) Although CO2 levels are, indeed, rising, world temperatures are actually lowering - and have been for several years

2) The mass of ice in Antarctica is actually getting thicker, even as the thin "shelves" in certain fringe areas are melting.

3) And the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, United Nations) has come on board and agreed that these things are, indeed, factual, and shows a worldwide cooling trend. However, the IPCC still refuses to abandon their stance on global warming - perhaps because it would be to embarrassing.

Gee! Do you suppose that warming and cooling are actually natural cycles?

I often referred to Al Gore and his followers as "Chicken Littles". Well, it appears that the chickens have come home to roost, and the Colonel may be looking for them.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trojan Horse PT II

I do not intend to continue using this blog as a political format - I had only intended to point out something I found disturbing. In doing so, I have received a few comments from readers that I think need to be addressed.

COMMENT: "How can you criticise Obama for his association with Rev. Wright when John McCain spoke before Rev. Hagee's congregation?"

REPLY: First, McCain is not a professed follower of Hagee - he only appeared in a speaking engagement. Second, McCain never claimed to agree with Hagee. Third, McCain did not JOIN Hagee's church, and REMAIN there for 20 years. In short, there is no comparison. Obama supports Rev. Wright and his church and has done so for 20 years. McCain is not a supporter of Hagee or his Church.

COMMENT: "Why pick on Obama? What about all of Hillary's baggage?"

REPLY: The post was not about Hillary - it was about Obama. Nor was it about the election - it was about a disturbing series of events. And I was not making comparisons. Everyone is aware of Hillary's faults, but Obama is a new unknown. We are in the process of learning who he is.

COMMENT: "Why do you suggest Obama is a racist?"

REPLY: His own words and actions. As an example, he made statements such as "My Grandmother, a typical white person..." If McCain had used the phrase "a typical black person" he would have been branded a racist. Throughout Obama's speech he spoke of the past actions of white against black - a "gentler" version of the same stuff being spewed by Rev. Wright. If he were not a racist, he would have said, "OK, so maybe blacks were poorly treated in the past, and maybe even today a few malcontents still treat us poorly. But that is not America today. It's time to leave the past where it belongs - in the past - and move ahead as ONE people. A nation where skin color has no meaning." Instead, he harped on the problems of the past rather than solutions for the future. He made it a point to make race an issue. Only a racist will make race an issue. To an open-minded person, race simply is not an issue at all.

The surest way to keep racism alive is to use terms like "black American", or "white American", or "native American." You see, if we ever do get to be a nation where racism is extinct, we will all be calling one another just one thing - "American". There would be no distinctions. But as long as we have divisive racists like Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, and Wright, who make it a point to distinguish between races, then racism will live on in America.

As for me, I could care less about racial differences except those that are used to create a divide among people. When I judge a person, I judge by the color of his heart, not his skin.

COMMENT: "So, who are YOU going to vote for?"

REPLY: Dunno. Early on, I liked Obama and I liked Duncan Hunter, because I am looking for someone who shoots straight - I don't care about their political affiliation so much. Duncan is out, and Obama has turned out to be a porcelain snake oil salesman - all glib tongue and no substance. I don't think McCain understands the conservative base, and Hillary - well, let's just say I have absolutely no use for anyone who is so self-serving and whose beliefs sway with every poll. She has done nothing as senator from New York. If I had my choice, I would vote for the guy behind At least he has ideas, solutions and understands what most folks are looking for. Unfortunately, he is not running...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Trojan Horse?

It is with great interest that I have been following the situation concerning the Rev. Wright and Barack Obama.

I do not believe that any sane person can watch the Reverend's videos without seeing a racist, bigoted, far-left militant. He is downright frightening - and to think he takes to the pulpit, in the name of God, to spew such hatred of whites, jews, America - just about anyone that is not his follower.

He is supposed to be a Christian. But when I ask myself if Jesus would work so fervently to spew so much hate, I would have to say "NO".

And that brings us to Mr. Obama. In his speech yesterday in which he "denounced" some of Rev. Wright's rants, Obama asked us to believe that Wright's beliefs are not Obama's beliefs. He asked us to believe that he has a problem with such rantings. Fine.

But then I must ask: why has it only become a "problem" now that he knows that voters see it as a problem? He sat in Reverend Wright's church for 20 years - that's 20 YEARS - without seeing it as a problem. Obama did not see such hatred as a problem until it started to get in the way of becoming President. Suddenly, he sees it as a problem!

And I find that to be even more frightening than Rev. Wright! Wright is quite open about who he hates, and why. He is forthright about his bigotry and racism (though he does not think that is what it is). But Obama is not so forthcoming or honest. For 20 years he absorbs this hate mongering diatribe, supports the preacher who spews it out, and calls that man his "trusted advisor". But now, suddenly, he is ready to toss Wright - and even his own white grandmother - under the train, in order to convince voters that he should be President.

Here is what common sense tells me:

If a person willingly joins any radical, bigoted, racist group that is led by a radical, bigoted, racist leader, and that person stays in that group for 20 years, supporting it and paying homage to its leader, then that man, but definition, is a radical, bigoted racist. If he marries a radical, bigoted racist, then he, himself, is likely a radical, bigoted racist. He would not subject himself and his family to that if it was not his true, inner belief.

But now he wants to be President. So he must tell whatever story he must in an attempt to minimize people's just fears that he is a radical, bigoted racist.

Some would say that Rev. Wright does not have that kind of effect on Obama and his family. That Obama and his family are "immune" to such diatribe.

But if that were really true, why does Michelle Obama state that she was never proud to be an American until her husband starting running for President? Why did she say that America is "mean". She has a lifetime history of saying, and writing, about her hatred and prejudice.

There is a pattern here, folks. And I must say that, in spite of all his charm and glib tongue, Obama is probably just like Reverend Wright, with the difference being that Obama is smart enough to use subterfuge and disguise. With it, he can carry Reverend Wright's crazy agenda right into the White House. A modern day "Trojan Horse".

Ask yourself: If, as he claims, Obama's most trusted advisors and confidants are Reverend Wright and his wife Michelle, both of whom have shown a hatred of, and disdain for America, then who will Obama choose as his advisors if he becomes president? Who will he choose for his cabinet? And who would he choose to be judges?

I don't know about the rest of you, but I would rather not find out.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Are You Geared For Success?

Success is much more than achieving wealth. True success is being in a position to live well, regardless of whatever may transpire.

It means having a strong, loving relationship with family. It means having trusted friends you can count on. It means having a sound, spiritual relationship with some power greater than yourself. It means being prepared for things that may change.

This post is dedicated to the latter - being prepared. Because, if you are not prepared for a situation, and that situation should occur, you could lose everything. So, please take a moment to reflect on the following questions - and your honest answers!

1) What if a pandemic occurs, infecting and killing tens of millions of people (as it did in 1918)? Do you have a plan of survival? Do you have the necessary supplies for survival? Do you know exactly what to do to avoid infection? Bear in mind, statistics indicate there is a 20% chance a pandemic will occur in the next 15 years - and a 100% chance it will occur at some time.

2) What if climate change and an expanding population or a drought results in a serious shortage of food. Are you prepared to feed your family when the store shelves are empty? Do you have shelf-stable foods available? Are you capable of growing crops, if necessary? Note that the seeds available in stores will NOT result in the production of new seeds that will grow a second crop - those seeds are all hybrid. Only heirloom seeds can reproduce themselves to grow new crops.

3) What if a natural disaster destroys your home? Do you keep important documents stored safely in a safety deposit box at your bank? Do you keep duplicate papers off-premises? Do you have a contingency plan as to where you could go?

4) What if your car breaks down on a deserted road, late at night, or in the winter? Do you carry flares? Blankets? Shelf-stable foods (a few MRE's)? A fresh bottle of water? A cell phone that is fully charged? A hand grenade in case Jason strolls by with his machete? :o)

5) What if your young child (or aged, senile adult) were to turn up missing? Do you have a recent photo? Do you have a document that lists all important info the authorities may need (and you may be too distraught to recall)? Height, weight, marks, names/addresses of friends, teachers, babysitter etc.? Medical info, such as allergies? The more info you can provide quickly, the better the chance of a happy ending.

These are just a few of the things that certainly can occur, and could certainly affect a person's success. The more you can prepare for possible contingencies, the greater your chances of true, long-lasting success.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Turn $1 Into $50

Imagine how wealthy you could be if there were a way to turn every $1 bill into a $50 bill. Well, you need not leave it to imagination - not only is it possible, it is relatively simple to do.

First, consider the power of compound interest. Generally speaking, if you invest money and earn a moderate 10% APR, you double your money in seven years. Think about that - if a person age 18 were to invest a dollar at an annual average return of 10%, that dollar would be more than $50 by the time he reaches age 65.

I can hear you groaning already. "Sure, it only takes 47 years!"

But that is not the point. The point is much more powerful than that. You see, the average 18 year old today wastes an average of $4200 each year on meaningless, unimportant "stuff". Now figure what that person would have at age 65 if he had invested that $4200. He would have a whopping $210,000.

Now let's further assume he invests another $4200 at age 19, at age 20, at age 21 and again at age 22. Even if he never saved another dime, he would have well over a million dollars at age 65.

And if that person continues to invest even half that much each year throughout his working life, at age 65 he would be worth many millions.

So, here is the point: a dollar saved is worth many dollars spent. The older you are, the less it will grow - but it will grow.

To illustrate - at age 24 you buy a snowmobile for $5000. In a few years, it is worn out, and had cost an additional $1500 in fees, registrations, insurance, fuel and maintenance. And now you need a new one. You are out $6500 now, and you are also out all the dollars that it would have been worth had you invested it until retirement - $208,000! So, that few years of owning that machine has really cost you nearly a quarter of a million dollars - a very expensive machine, indeed. Especially since it has limited use during snowy winters.

Of course, we cannot go without fun. So what if you invest that $5000 at age 24, until age 31. It would be worth $10,000. You could then buy the snowmobile and still have $5000 invested that will be worth about $100,000 at retirement. The best of both worlds. Or, buy a used machine and invest the difference.

What I am advocating is really quite simple: waste less, and invest more. Wait longer to buy the big ticket items. Sacrifice a little now, so you don't have to sacrifice anything later. If you give up eating pizzas for awhile, you can eventually afford to buy the pizzaria and have all the pizza you want.

And, of course, the earlier you begin, the wealthier you will become.

Friday, March 14, 2008

It Is Not About Association

Success in any endeavor revolves around not just the individual, but also around those who influence him. And when someone has a lot of influence upon you, then it is not simply a case of "guilt by association". Rather, it is about judgement. Remember the influence of David Koresh (the Waco massacre) and Jim Jones.

If you live in a neighborhood where most residents have issues such as infidelity, and you have those people over for a BBQ, that is not a problem - they are not influencing you to cheat on your spouse. That is mere association. Not a problem.

But if you start going to their wife-swapping parties, that's a different story - now you are being influenced, and that IS a problem.

And so it is that I have developed a problem with Barack Obama, whom I had thought was a beacon in the darkness of typical politics. Now I seriously doubt he is anything but a "snake oil" salesman.

His 20 year close friendship with Reverend Wright is a serious question mark on Obama's judgement. Wright has publicly and fervently expressed his hatred for America, his dislike of whites and jews, and even accuses America of being the number one evil in the world. Yet, Obama stated that Wright has been one of his most trusted "advisors".

Frankly, that indicates to me that Obama's judgement on choosing those who influence him leaves much to be desired, particularly since, as President, we must trust his "judgement" to choose a cabinet.

His close advisor and confident hates America, hates whites, hates jews. His wife and confident has said she was never proud to be an American until now, and accused America of being "mean". And his friend and associate (Ayers) was and still is a white terrorist who, even on 9/11, stated he should have been a more active "terror bomber". Would Obama's cabinet consist of people who hate America? Hate whites and jews? Who blame America for all the ills of the world? That seems to be the "norm" for those he chooses as his confidants.

And Barack Obama asks us to trust his judgement in choosing a cabinet, and in running this country.

I think not. Again, success does not exist in a vacuum. Much of the success of an individual can be attributed to those who influence him. And Obama says Rev. Wright, his wife Michelle, and others like them are the people who influence him.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Back By Popular Demand

I have had several requests to once again print "The Secret of Success". So, here goes...

Actually, it's not really a secret - it simply goes unnoticed. So, take notice!

The most valuable things in life, such as love, happiness, and respect, are what you might call "enigmas". They are not what they seem. Such things cannot be gathered, chased, or taken. They cannot be held. In order to have such things, you must give them away!

You heard that right. If you want to be loved, you must first give love. If you want happiness, you must first give it away. If you doubt this, consider the following:

I was really in the dumps. A recent divorce and other disasters had me ready to give up. It seemed that happiness was not in the cards. While feeling sorry for myself, I stopped into a coffee shop to drown my sorrow in 100 proof caffeine. A young girl who could not have been more than 16 waited on me. She was visibly upset, and I could see she had been crying. I asked another waitress what the problem was, and was informed that the girl's boyfriend had broken her young heart. I paid for my coffee and left. Within 30 minutes, I returned with a single rose, handed it to the girl with the broken heart, smiled, then turned and left.

As I reached the door, I turned and saw that she was smiling, and bouncing over to another table where an old man sat, alone. There was a spark of renewed happiness in her, and strangely enough, in spite of all my own troubles, I, too, was feeling happier for having given happiness to another. But my happiness soon faded as I watched her give that rose to that old man. I felt "used".

A few days later I returned to that coffee shop. The girl bounced over to me, all smiles and bubbling over with apparent joy. I told her that I was happy to be able to make some small difference in her mood that day, but was disappointed that she so readily gave away my gift. She smiled sweetly, grabbed my hand gently, and whispered, "Don't you know? You should, because I learned it from you. Happiness spreads when you give it away. You gave me the rose, and with it, happiness. I saw that lonely old man who had lost his wife last fall, and gave the rose to him, so that he, too, might share in the happiness. By giving him the rose, I found happiness a second time that day. And he returned next morning to say he gave the rose to a lady in the complex he lives in, and they are now spending time together. And that made me happy a third time. So, you see, the more happiness you give away, the more you have. I thought you knew!"

Thanks to the wisdom of that little 16 year-old girl, I have not had too many days without finding some happiness. All I have to do is give some away... It works! And it's easy. Try it.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Solution to Health Care

It seems every politician is getting on the "health care" bandwagon these days, and, frankly, I find it disturbing that none of them even know what the issue is - so how can they solve the problem?

We do not have a "health care" crisis - we have a "sick care" crisis. The problem is not the cost of getting well, or maintaining our health. The problem is that Americans are being made sick by aggressive businesses who are getting rich at the expense of our health.

Let's understand a couple of very important facts:

1) The natural state of health is good health. In most cases, and barring genetic disease, we only become ill when we become weakened by our own foibles and actions (or inactions).

2) The vast majority of the food that is made available to consumers is not food at all. It has little in the way of nutrients, and generally is loaded with chemicals, antibiotics, preservatives, growth hormones, and even petroleum products - all of which are toxic.

3) The water in most communities is polluted with flouride or chlorine - both are poisons.

4) Drug companies, doctors and hospitals do not want people to be cured of anything - they would all go bankrupt if the population were to regain their natural state of health. Instead, they only want to keep us from dying, and to help us to "maintain" life. As long as they can do that - keep us alive, and keep us coming back - only then do they profit. If they cure us, they can no longer dip into our pockets.

So, if we keep from getting sick in the first place, then health care would not be a problem, and would not be expensive at all. Therefore, the issue is not "how to pay for health care" so much as it is "how to eliminate the need for health care".

Anyone with a desire to solve the health care crisis in America need look no further than to improving food and water supplies, and to necessitate at least a minimal amount of exercise on a daily basis.

Our foods and our water should be natural and organic, free of pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and petroleum products. Certainly, this would make food more expensive, but not nearly as expensive as the health care that becomes necessary because of all the poisons in our diet.

And we need to go back to the days when physical education was a requirement in school. And every business should set aside at least two 10 minute breaks for employees to get aerobic exercise of some sort - even if it is just walking, stair-climbing or jogging in place. Exercise should be encouraged.

And we need to re-learn how to eat. Man was designed as a forager - walking all day, seeking small amounts of food. Call it "grazing", if you will - there was no ready supply of "instant food" from the local supermarket. The fact is, the body can only use just so much fuel at any given time, so the body is most efficient when we fuel it as we use it. Isn't it obvious that if your body can only use 100 calories per hour, that if you eat a 1000 calorie meal, much of that will get stored as fat? What the body cannot use, it stores or excretes. For this reason, nature indicates that we can better achieve optimal health if we 1) eat natural foods, and 2) spread the eating throughout the day, in 4-6 small meals and snacks instead of "three square meals" that are just too big.

If any politician wants to solve the health care crisis, let him or her confront the real issue - making it easier to stay healthy in the first place!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Another FREE Book For Our Customers

Another FREE book for our valued customers. We only have a limited supply of these to offer for free, so don't hesitate too long :o)

Success means many things to many people. But the most important area in which we must all strive for success is in our health. Without our health, we have nothing else of any real value. And now, for a limited time only, we are now prepared to offer our customers (yes, even past customers) a FREE copy of a book that will help you achieve and maintain good health, naturally.

IntelliBiz has spent nearly 7 years researching health issues, and natural methods of achieving and maintaining good health. We understood from the start that good health is normal, and ill health is only supposed to occur as the exception. In recent times, however, it seems the reverse is true. And our research not only has turned up the reasons why, but also methods to reverse the trend and for each of us to achieve optimal health.

For example, are you aware that our air has less than 60% of the oxygen content it had just a century ago, which may be the reason that asthma and other lung conditions are on the rise? Or that the soil used to grow most of our food has been depleted of much of the normal nutrients, which means your food may not provide what your body needs?

All the years of research have resulted in a fairly substantial body of work entitled "The Simple Man's Guide to Natural Health & Healing". And regardless of your current physical condition, we guarantee that you can improve, or even restore your health in a relatively short period of time. Achieve your optimal weight; ward off the onset of Type II diabetes; slow the aging process; reduce the threat of cancer. All without strict diets, tiring workouts, or expensive drugs.

The best part: if you are a current customer or a new customer, you can have "The Simple Man's Guide to Natural Health & Healing" for free. That's right - this is one of the many "perks" of being a valued customer of IntelliBiz. In it you will find a history of how our society got in this shape, how to overcome the problems, and even a simple, detailed plan that will help restore, and maintain good health.

No, you probably will not learn how to cure cancer or emphysema. But even if you are afflicted with something so dire, there are simple steps you can take to reduce the effects, and live a quality life, longer. I, myself, have been a victim of COPD (an incurable and fatal disease) for nearly 16 years. Most doctors will tell you that COPD victims live 5-15 years, maximum. Yet, because I personally follow the advice in The Guide, I am still in relatively good health after 16 years. I can work, jog, split my own cordwood with the best of them, and all without an oxygen tank trailing behind me. My condition has not deteriorated in the years I have been using the Plan in The Guide. I am not cured, but I am not getting any worse, either.

And now this plan is available to you, FREE. And it does not matter what your condition is at this time. Why? Because the road to natural health is the same for us all. Optimal health requires certain nutrients, for example, and we all need those same nutrients. Our bodies all work the same way, and have the same basic requirements. So one, simple plan can improve and maintain good health, regardless of where you are at right now.

As an example, think about this for a moment: we all need the same nutrients, and we all need to get at least a certain level of exercise on a regular basis. If you are underweight and take in those nutrients and get that exercise, you will gain weight until you get to what is optimal for your body type. If you are overweight and follow that exact same plan as the underweight person, you will lose weight until you reach your optimal weight. Why? Because the same amount of nutrients, introduced in the same manner, and utilized in the same way, will result in optimal weight. It's like baking a cake - if everyone follows the same recipe, everyone will bake an identical cake of identical quality, weight and taste.

Forget the fad diets that don't work, anyway. Forget the drugs that only empty your bank account. Forget putting yourself through strenuous workouts. And forget about going hungry on some stupid diet. All you need is a simple, detailed, natural plan.

This is exactly the same plan that was developed by Mother Nature. It is exactly what is intended for our health. Remember, the normal human condition is one of good health - Mother Nature requires good health in order to insure the survival of a species. Ill health is what happens to us when we stray from nature's plan.

And, since nature's plan is 100% natural, it tends to be simple. It is normal.

If you purchase "The Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate" at any time after this date, you will automatically receive this book free with your order. If you are a previous customer and want to receive your free copy of "The Simple Man's Guide to Natural Health & Healing", just visit and request a copy. This same book is being offered to non-customers for $29.95 plus shipping, so you are getting a very good deal, indeed.

May the Good Lord bless you, and keep you well.


Global Warming, and Other Foolishness

Success relies upon truth. And that is why I include this little ditty on the so-called "Global Warming" debate. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, please humor me a little and read this through.

Al "Chicken Little" Gore and his cronies want everyone to believe that 1) the Earth is getting continually warmer, 2) it will continue to do so until we meet with disaster, and 3) it's all our fault. They then go forth and spew half-truths in order to build up their following of sheep.

As an example: The Global Warming crowd point out that many of the warmest years in recorded weather history (a mere 112 years) have all occured in the last 20 years. That is their "truth". And here is what they are NOT saying: the last 20 years have also had some of the coldest years on record. According to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration which tracks and keeps weather data, this year is the coldest on record, followed closely by 1983 and 1985 and even 2004. And in the years from 1978-2004, 12 of those 26 years were substantially colder than normal.

The GW crowd also seem to miss the fact that some of the hottest years and temperatures on record all occured between 1911 and 1923, with another scorcher year in 1934. I may be wrong, but I do not believe there were too many SUV's around back then.

They also point out that the year 2000 started out warmer than usual. What they do not tell you is that the year 2000 ended up colder than usual.

Other points the Gore crowd conveniently miss in their "inconvenient truth":

1) Four other planets are also warmer than usual, pointing to a possibility that the warming has nothing to do with SUV's or our "carbon footprints", but rather with natural cycles. The south pole of Neptune has become 18 degrees warmer than normal since 1970, simply because planets (including ours) "wobble" on their axis, and sometimes one pole is closer to the sun than the other. Again, Hummers are not to blame.

2) While the Arctic ice is melting, oceanic studies show the ice of Antarctica is getting thicker. Some alarmists cite reports of rising temps in the Antarctic region (the shelf area), but the complete facts from all sources indicate that the temp is rising in less than 30% of the continent, and is substantially cooling in the remaining 70+ percent, for an overall net COOLING of Antarctica.

3) Despite their incoherent rants, Global Warming cannot be responsible for BOTH warmer temperatures and colder temperatures, as they would have you believe.

4) Their predictions of increasing hurricanes simply have not materialized - not a single hurricane hit U.S. shores in 2006. (They predicted 18 in May, changed it to 9 in July, and then kept mum when none hit, hoping we would not notice). And some of the worst hurricanes in recorded history occured in the 1930's.

Don't get me wrong - I believe the Earth is currently in a trend of some degree of warming (pardon the pun). But I do not believe it is permanent, nor will it result in disaster, nor is it our fault. It is cyclical, as are all things in nature.

So why all the hype and misinformation? As my Dad always said, if you want to understand what is going on, follow the money. You must understand that the only source of income for scientists are grants. And you simply cannot get grants to study something that is not a potential problem. The greater that scientists can hype the problem, the more grant money they can get. It really is that simple. Just like you, scientists must compete to feed their families.

You are here because you want to be more successful. That's great. But the first step in achieving success lies in being able to know how to avoid having the wool pulled over your eyes by someone with an agenda. Stop. Think. Research. Learn the truth from those who have the facts, and stay away from those who have an agenda, because they will not provide all the facts.

And when someone makes a statement, always ask yourself what they are NOT saying. If, for example, they tell you thaqt the warmest years have occured in the last 20, you should immediately seek out how many of those years were COLDER, and by how much. If they say the warming is caused by carbon dioxide, ask for statistical proof (there is no evidence showing any correlation).

If you want to know about historical weather patterns, check with NASA, the National Weather Service and others who have the facts. But beware - even they tend to "spin" things in favor of global warming. So, you must actually track the data, and not just listen to their generalizations. You see, even NOAA will tell you that most of the warmest years were in the last 20. But if you search deeper, they will also mention that the coolest have also been in the last 20 years. You must dig if you are to find the truth.

And do not forget the "greenies" - you know, those good (but misinformed) people who want us all to change our lifestyles. They say that electric cars are greener. But in truth, it requires burning more fossil fuels to create the electricity than would be needed to simply use gas - grade school science tells us that there is always a loss when energy is converted from one form to another.

And it takes 1.7 times more fossil fuel to produce ethanol than the energy produced by the ethanol. Fuel to plow, plant, irrigate, harvest, transport, and then to process.

And those new light bulbs - they require three times more glass (which must be produced in factories that emit carbon dioxide and use fossil fuels); they have mercury and must be disposed of at a hazardous waste site; and the average person lives at least 1.4 gallons of gasoline away from the nearest HazMat site - just to toss out a lightbulb!

The "greenies" have been brainwashed by liberals with an agenda - people who only care about making money by selling snake oil. The "greenies" are shown only the facts that the agenda-driven people want them to see - such as USING electricity does not emit CO2. And that is true. But what they do not tell the "greenies" is that PRODUCING that electricity does, indeed, increase CO2 emissions.

I hope my readers are wise enough to not be duped by half-truths and disinformation. I hope you take everything with a grain of salt until you have researched the facts (not the hype). And if you do that, you increase your chances of being a success in life.