Friday, August 10, 2012

When You Burn Your Food Supply

Years ago I began blogging that it was a VERY bad idea to add ethanol to our fuel supply. I showed that it cost $1.80 to produce the equivalent of $1 of gasoline, and proved that it was actually less "green" because of all the fossil fuel needed to plant, grow, harvest, transport and convert corn to ethanol. But the government made it mandatory, anyway.

I also said it is always - ALWAYS - a bad idea to burn your food supply. Much of our food depends upon corn to feed the beef, pork and fowl critters that provide our meat, and cows that produce the dairy such as milk and chees, which affects almost everything else, from pizza to ice cream. By burning corn in our gas tanks, all those food products will go up in price.

So, even without the current drought, the cost of ethanol is outrageous, especially since taxpayers subsidize it in order to make it LOOK cost-effective.

But now we are suffering a drought in the corn belt. A shortage of corn means our food will start costing even more. Every food. And many other things, too, since trucks that transport all goods will be burning the more expensive fuel (corn was $2/bushel in 2000 - today it is aboy $8/bushel).

Thanks to the whacky renvironmentalists who have no propensity for thinking anything through, our fel, food, clothing and everything else have risen in price, and will rise further. And in the process, we will continue to burn more fossil fuel to produce the ethanol, and pay ever-increasing amounts of tax dollars for subsidies to the ethanol producers - the only ones getting rich from this.


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