Thursday, August 2, 2012

Can The Left Get Any Loonier?

One HuffPost reader made the following comment, and it shows just how misinformed these miscreants are:

"Recent report shows well over 21 trillion dollars (yes, with a T) is being held in offshore accounts by America's corporations and super rich to avoid paying taxes. Those are the folks the GOP is protecting and trying to give yet another tax break (welfare). A scandal of truly epic proportions. But the Right wants to turn your attention to what they call the freeloading poor, whose taxes Romney plans to raise. You want a positive change vote for Obama and a Dem Congress. "

Let's do some checking on this load of bull. First, most of those "corporations and super rich" are Democrats. And many wealthy Democrats in our Congress have offshore accounts. Check out Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and John Kerry. In an earlier blog I reported how 8 of the 10 top corporations in America donate almost exclusively to Democrats.

As to the "GOP protecting the rich", that is pure nonsense. There is a valid reason for keeping taxes low on businesses and the wealthy - they are the ONLY ones who can create jobs. But they won't if we keep picking their pockets. The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, thanks to Democrats, and that is the primary reason why businesses pull up stakes and go overseas, and the biggest reason citizens use offshore accounts. People object to being robbed. The fact remains that 87% of ALL income taxes are paid by only the top 20% of income earners. I'd say that shows they already pay MORE than their fair share. But not to liberals - they think the rich should support everyone else. Republicans believe that people should be independent and have personal responsibility for their own choices. The only ones we should be supporting are those who, through no fault of their own, CANNOT support themselves. The operative phrase is "through no fault of their own".

As for giving the wealthy "yet another tax break", there is no bill that is proposed for doing that. The GOP wants the CURRENT tax rates to remain for now. That is not a "tax break" for anyone. It is simply a refusal to make the already exhorbitant taxes even higher, during a recession.

As to Romney planning to raise taxes on the poor, that, too, is nonsense. He has not proposed any such thing. As usual, the nuts on the left will tell any lie to push their agenda, like Harry Reid telling the lie that Romney never paid taxes in a decade. He has no proof, and knows it is not true, but he makes the claim anyway, to smear the opposition. It is the same smear tactic used by Democrats in every election.

As to the "freeloading poor" - on that he may be correct. Many of them ARE freeloaders. They CAN work, but refuse to. I know a drug dealer who drives a Mercedes but collects welfare. Another who gets young girls pregnant then takes half their welfare benefits - he is rich while they live in squalor with his illegitimate kids. And in America, the "poor" are not poor at all - most have color TV, iPads, cellphones etc. Not exactly poor. And even the middle class pays no taxes - 49% of all working Americans pay ZERO taxes. Now tell me - just exactly how can anyone call THAT fair?

And finally, about that idiots final comment - we TRIED a Democrat president with a Democrat Congress for two full years, and this is where it got us - $16 trillion in debt, 42 months of unemployment over 8%, home values in the gutter, 15,000+ new and costly regulations that restrict our freedoms and no budget passed in three years. So, if change is what a person wants, then that would have to mean a REPUBLICAN president and Congress.


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