Thursday, August 2, 2012

Another Law Obama Does Not Want To Obey

Decades ago, Congress passed a law that says if a layoff is pending due to a foreseeable event, the employer is required by law to give the employee(s) at least 60 days notice. After all, those people deserve to have enough time to make plans for the loss of their jobs.

Today, many military equipment employers are faced with thousands of pending layoffs on January 1st due to the massive defense cuts coming to the Pentagon and military. By law, they will have to report those layoffs by October.  Talk about an October Surprise!

President Obama wants to hide those layoffs, rather than have them advertised just before the election. He says the law should be ignored, in order to protect HIMSELF, and let those thousands of employees fend for themselves.

Is this REALLY the kind of "leader" America wants?


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