Thursday, August 2, 2012

No JFK Democrats Anymore?

I remember the race between Nixon and JFK. In those days, Democrats appeared to be reasonable, sane and stoiod for American values. One of JFK's most famous lines was, "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." But Democrats no longer believe that - they believe that the people should depend upon government, and government should provide everything - a nanny state.

Here are other differences between yesterday's honorable Democrats and those in office today...

1) Harry Reid would never have gotten away with starting unfounded rumors about Romney in an effort to plant nasty seeds of doubt in voters

2) Tom Menino, Edwin Lee and Rahm Emanuel would have been ostracized and booted from office for suggesting they would prevent a business from buolding in their cities just because the owner holds different values. Democrats of old would never have approved of squelching the right to free speech. That is fascism - "You can say whatever you want as long as it agrees with me."

3) Democrats of old would never have told successful people that they are only successful due to the actions of government, and not because they earned it, as opposed to what Elizabeth Warren and Barak Obama are claiming

4) Democrats of old would never have thought about punishing successful people simply because they are successful.

5) Democrats of old would never have considered making their cities or states as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, or refuse to cooperate with federal agencies

I could go on, and you know it. Everyone who thinks about it would realize that the Democratic party no longer stands for very many American values. Yet, more than 40% of Americans still hold to the Democrat party, even though the party has deserted them and their values. As an example, African Americans vote almost exclusively Democrat even though the Democratic party is backing gay marriage and unemployment in among blacks rises way above the norm under Democrat control of government. And many in labor vote Democrat even though it was the Democrats who created the financial mess we are in with their acquiescence to unions for over-burdening the system with excessive benefits that are now bankrupting cities.

Detroit has been controlled by Democrats for over half a century - looik at it! Same with Chicago, the most corrupt city in America. And look at California, run into bankruptcy by a democrat-controlled legislature that only wants to spend, spend, spend. Cities like Stockton forced into bankruptcy because the Democrats authorized too many benefits for unions.

I would think that anyone calling themselves a Democrat today might want to take the time to re-evaluate what their party actually stands for. Frankly, if I were a Democrat, as Ronald Reagan once was, I would do what Reagan did - run, not walk away from the party.

It is no longer the party of my parents. It is no longer the party of the working people, which it now enslaves with welfare, food stamps and other entitlements designed to make a person dependent upon government, and therefore subservient to government.


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