Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sandra Fluke, Typical Dishonest Liberal

As you may know, Obama feels he is losing the women's vote - and rightfully so. In a transparent attempt to pander to women, he invited Sandra Fluke to introduce him at his Denver speech.

And I must say, if Fluke represents todays young women, it's no wonder so many guys are choosing homosexuality.

Ms. Fluke is as dishonest as most other far-left liberals of the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ilk. For example, she said Romney and Republicans "want to prevent women from having access to contraceptives." Blatantly untrue! No one wants to deprive access to contraceptives, and that was never the issue. The issue was, who should PAY for it? Fluke and other freeloading liberals think the taxpayer should pay for their sexual escapades. Conservatives like Romney think the individual should pay for their own - it's only $9/month at WalMart. Republicans do not believe that taxpayers should be forced to pay for anything that offends their religious beliefs.

After all, I don't see Fluke volunteering to buy my beer! Hey, tell ya what, Sandra - I'll pay the $9/month for your contraceptives as soon as you agree to pay for my Viagra at $5-$14 PER PILL! After all, if I should pay for YOUR fun, shouldn't you pay for mine? Or do you think only women have "rights" concerning their sex lives?
Ms. Fluke went on to say that if Romney and Republicans get elected, "all the gains in women's rights for the last few decades would be rolled back." Again, absolutely false. A lie. No one wants to roll back any women's rights, and no one has advocated doing so. Once again, the issue was who should PAY for a women's access to controversial services such as contraception and abortion. And Republicans think those are personal issues and should be paid for by the person.

Fluke knows the truth, as do all liberals. They simply refuse to accept it. They refuse to admit it. They know, as do conservatives, that taxpayers should never be forced to pay for products or services for other people if those products/services violate the tenets of a persons faith and if those "other people" were perfectly capable of doing for themselves. And Fluke, the loudest whiner, has graduated from law school and will likely earn more in a month than most people earn in a year. She can afford her own. And for those who truly cannot, there are Planned Parenthoods and other women's clinics in almost every locality that provide free contraceptives.

And they know, too, that there should be no "free lunch" - it is morally wrong to not earn your own way, as long as you are physically and mentally able. The pyramids were built only because everyone pulled together, doing their "fair share" of the work. Imagine if it were left to a handful of people to do the work for everyone, while the rest sat around soaking their feet in the Nile.


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