Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney Selects Paul Ryan For VP

Now we know!

And it will be fun watching Democrats squirm when they try to say Ryan would "end Medicare as we know it", which has been their mantra against Ryan for three years.

What many do not realize is what the Democrats are actually saying. Read it carefully - especially the part that says "as we know it."

No Republican advocates ending Medicare and Democrats know that, but the IMPRESSION Democrats give is that they would.  Democrats understand that most people would not even give any thought to the qualifier: "AS WE KNOW IT."

Yes, Republicans WOULD end Medicare as we know it, and that is a good thing. Good because Medicare, as we know it, is going bankrupt. It cannot be sustained as-is. So there are only two possible choices - either change it (end it as we know it) or simply allow it to become bankrupt so no one has that precious lifeline anymore.

Which do YOU think is the smart move?

The Democrats - particularly Obama, Pelosi and Reid - have all indicated that they would do nothing, change nothing, even though every number-cruncher has proved that Medicare will soon be bust if it is not changed. Only the Republicans - particularly Ryan - have put forth a common sense solution that would alter Medicare enough so that it can be sustained, and provide benefits for generations to come.

Changing Medicare for those under 55 may, indeed, slightly affect benefits. But where I come from we are taught at a young age that a piece of pie is better than no pie at all. And if Medicare is not "ended as we know it", it will come to an end all by itself and there will be no pie at all.


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