Saturday, November 21, 2009


When you or I try to bribe a politician, judge or police officer, we get arrested and go to prison. But when a politician pays a bribe to another politician in exchange for their vote, or gives money to an organizatiuon in return for their support, that is simply "politics as usual."

I say it is way past the time when we, the people, slam on the brakes - tell politicians that we will hold THEM accountable for their bribes, and send them to prison if they use bribes.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just took $100,000,000 (one hundred MILLION) of YOUR tax money and gave it to Senator Mary Landrieu for her state in exchange for her YES vote on Health Care. Landrieu had been opposed to the bill because her constituents do not like it. But she sold out the folks she is SUPPOSED to represent in exchange for bringing so much tax money to her state to insure her re-election next year.

Reid should go to prison for bribing an elected official, which IS a felony. Also, for misuse of public funds. And Landrieu should get busted and go to prison for accepting a bribe. And the good folks of her state, Louisiana, should vote her out for betraying them, regardless of the pork she steals from the taxpayers.


Time to send a message folks - vote out EVERY SINGLE INCUMBENT. Vote FOR the opponent no matter who it is. This will send a clear message to ALL politicians that, contrary to what they believe, THEY do not run things - WE do. THEY work for US, and when they stop doing that, we give them the old heave-ho.

And it is time to do just that, to every senator and representative now in Congress.

And it is also time to call a bribe a bribe, and start prosecuting politicians who participate in such shady activities.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Are Up Against

Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, after weeks in closed office crafting his so-called health care reform bill, came out and told us that we, the people, are stupid.

Actually, he said his bill would come in at $849 billion and would cut the deficit. And he thinks we are stupid enough not to see the truth.

What Mr Reid did was to cut $210 billion from the bill and putting it into9 a SEPARATE bill called the "doctor fix", which increases medicare payments to doctors. So, the actual health care reform bill, when you add it ALL up, comes to over a trillion dollars, and does, indeed, add to the deficit.

More important is the White House comment today that the president supports the passage of the "doctor fix" by Congress. What makes this questionable is that just 14 hours previously, he did an interview with Major Garrett where Obama said, "If we keep adding to the deficit and don't get spending under will cause a double dip recession." And he immediately calls for Congress to SPEND MORE.

Reid and Pelosi are pathological liars and con artists, and think we, the people, are mindless lemmings. And Obama is not much better, as he is single-handedly destroying the greatest society the world has ever known., and is doing so with INTENT. He KNOWS more spending will cause a double-dip recession, then calls for more spending!

Yes, it could simply be gross incompetence. But those who elected him keep telling us how smart he is, so I doubt if incompetence is the problem. No, this must be intentional. But why?

Simple. Obama, who studied under Alinsky (Marxist) wants a socialist country. The fastest and easiest way to do that is to make the people want it. And the easiest way to make the people want it is to give them cause to abandon capitalism as a failure.

Ergo, it is the Obama administration's goal to cause the massive failure of capitalism. Create recessions and depressions. Create massive deficits we cannot possibly repay, forcing America into bankruptcy. Do that, and the people will rush to socialism, trying to salvage their lives, crying "Please save us, Federal Government!"

It is the only explanation for the actions of this administration and the liberal Congress, acting together to bring down capitalism and the role of free markets. The Stimulus bills. The bail-outs. Taking over banks, insurance companies and car companies. Passing massive, incredibly expensive bills like health care, cap and trade and even "cash for clunkers", which we now know was a terrible failure, as it "borrowed" sales from later and got them all to occur in September, to give the APPEARANCE of an uptick in GDP.

Look out, folks! While you were sleeping, these clowns have dragged America perilously close to Marxism. And you REALLY don't want to go there. Every nation that ever has, has failed.


Friday, November 6, 2009

A Quiz For You

Just for the moment, assume you have a small business. And further assume you have (4) employees that you pay $36,000 per year.

Now assume a law is passed that forces you to pay each employee $48,000 per year. But your business income is not increased. In fact, during the recession, the business income is probably shrinking. Still, the law says you MUST pay your employees that extra $12,000 per year.

So, what do you do, to remain solvent and still abide by the law?

You only have two choices:

1) lose $48,000 per year and risk bankruptcy because each employee must get a $12,000 raise, or

2) lay off one employee, and use the $36,000 you WERE paying him to cover the $12,000 raise you must give each of the other three.

If you have any business sense at all, you would choose option #2, and tell the remaining three employees they must pick up the slack from the lost employee, because THEY are now getting HIS pay in addition to their original salary. They are getting 1/3 more pay, so you expect 1/3 more work from them.

Sounds mean, I know, but remember - you own the business, and you are responsible for supporting the families of your remaining employees. Therefore, you have an obligation to keep up production so you do not have to go broke and lay everyone else off.

Well, this is exactly what will happen to millions of small businesses if the current health care bill is passed. It includes a provision that FORCES businesses to provide insurance coverage to all employees. And that coverage costs an average of $12,000 per year per employee.

Under this plan, every small business will be required to increase the cost of each employee by about $12,000 per year. This will, by necessity, cause even higher unemployment.

Yet, the Democratic vice chair of the finance committee and Nancy Pelosi are saying this plan will HELP small business.

As a small business owner, I do not need that kind of help, thank you.


Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yesterday I wrote - and proved - that Harry Reid is a liar. Today, he was joined by Barak Obama.

In his little speech to the media today, Obama stated that "the doctors support our health care plan". He made this rather bogus claim, knowing it was bogus, because the AMA endorses the plan. But what he DOESN'T tell you is that only 15% of all doctors belong to the AMA, and not many of those support the health care plan proposed by Congress.

Typical liberal - takes a generalized fact (AMA supports the plan) and spins it to make people believe that the doctors approve of it, when in fact fewer than 5% of all doctors support it.

He did the same with AARP - because AARP endorses the plan, the liberals try to convince people that this means the elderly like the plan. Yet, all polls indicate the elderly OPPOSE the plan, 2-1.

Just because an ORGANIZATION whose leaders have an agenda are in support of something does not necessarily mean its members also support it.

Obama and Reid also tried this BS when a single, lone Republican gave her tentative OK on it earlier (since withdrawn), and they then said that makes the bill "bipartisan". It does not. A bill is bipartisan when members of both parties craft it, then vote on it. This bill did not include a single Republican in its crafting.

I am getting damned tired of having liars in public office - especially in the Oval Office.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Harry Reid - Liar Extraordinaire

Honesty is crucial to lasting success. And that is why I am bringing this up on this blog.

No matter what the reason why the Dems cannot get their agenda through, Harry Reid stands in front of the camera and blames the Republican party.

I guess Mr Reid has forgotten that both the House and the Senate have super majorities of Democrats, and have enough votes in both chambers to pass anything they want. And if they cannot get their agenda passed, it is only because they cannot secure all the Democrat votes.

It has nothing to do with Republicans. Republicans have not even been allowed in the room. Harry Reid's problem is not republicans - it's all those silly Democrats who are refusing to march in lock-step to the tune Pelosi, Reid and Obama are playing.

It only takes 60 votes in the Senate to pass a filibuster-proof bill. And there are 60 Democrats in the Senate. If Reid can't get anything passed, then perhaps it is he who is not in tune with the country, because his own party is sabotaging him.

But who does he insist on blaming? Republicans, of course.

Here is the entire problem in a nutshell:

1) Both Reid and Pelosi are not just Democrats - they are far-left liberals, out of tune with their own party, and

2) Their idea of "bipartisanship" is for Democrats to write the bills without any Republican input, and then ask the Republicans to just sign onto it, blindly, even though it violates what Republicans believe in.

That's like having Muslims build a religion, then asking Christians to come and pay homage to Allah, and if you don't, then you are "the religion of NO".

Democrats need to get a grip, and stop demonizing everyone on the other side of an issue. We NEED both sides to temper each other. And EVERY bill presented for a vote should be a collaborative effort of BOTH parties, each putting in their two cents worth. But as it stands now, Congress is now a dictatorship with the Dems saying "we run things, and it's your job to follow along quietly, or we will destroy you."

That is Fascism.

Harry - it is time to stop lying through your teeth in a stupid and transparent attempt to shift blame away from yourself.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


I don't know about you, but I am getting sick and tired of listening to whiners (yes, some of whom are on Pennsylvania Avenue) cry about how bad America is, and how it needs to be "fundamentally changed." America, the capitalist, competition-based country has, in just 223 short years become the richest, most powerful nation the world has ever seen. We have given birth to more innovation in 100 years than the rest of the world did throughout all its history. And because of the tenets our country was based upon - capitalism, freedom from government oppression and the Christian-Judeo ethic, you now live in the best country on Earth, with more opportunity and personal wealth than you can find anywhere else on Earth. Even our "poor" are wealthy compared to many people elsewhere.

For those who think otherwise, look at the other nations. Many are "third-world" nations, ruled in poverty and ruled by oppressive governments. The rest are so socialistic that the citizens are nothing more than the unnamed masses whose only function is to support and serve the government. In the "old days", they were called the Bourgeois. And in those instances, the people eventually rebelled and beheaded everyone in the bourgeois class.

Liberals think it is far better to be "sharing" and they think we should spread our wealth so other nations need not live in poverty. While that sounds nice on the surface, they are overlooking three important points:

1) If you give away your wealth, it will be YOU who are the poor, or at least poorer

2) There is a REASON those nations are not wealthy, and it is their own fault. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Every person gets the government they deserve." Those nations are poor because they do not strive to be any better, and they permit crooked despots to rule them. If you give your wealth to them, the despots will take it, and the nation will be no better off. But WE will be WORSE off. It's called "pouring money down a rat-hole."

3) Regardless of, and in spite of, any moral platitudes or beliefs, life is still ruled by "Survival of the fittest." You either play to win, or you lose. Period. Liberals want to play so OTHERS win, which will make losers of us all. Make up your mind to either fight to win, or be a loser. But they will not drag me down with them into Loserville.

If a person is inclined to believe that America is evil because we have so much wealth and power, and if they have a problem with that, then there are over 100 third world nations they can move to anytime they wish. Then they can take the "moral high ground" they think is real, and be happy that they are living up to their principles. But if they choose not to do that, then they should SHUT UP and start fighting for our country, and those things that made us great in the first place. And that is NOT the erasing of religion from the public arena, and it is NOT "democracy", but a REPUBLIC, and it is NOT entitlements. It's competition, with some winning, others losing. It's strength, not weakness. It's entrepreneurial efforts. It's small, unobtrusive government that gets the Hell out of the way of those who want to make us stronger and better.

Sure, some will suffer. Some will be losers. No one can win unless someone else loses - thats the law of survival. You cannot live unless something else dies (unless you can live without eating). But again, that is what is meant by survival of the fittest. You are either PREDATOR or PREY. The weak NEED to be weeded out, to strengthen the rest. If we keep using entitlements and restrictions to weaken the strong, just so the weak can prevail, then our entire society will be weakened. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

As Jesus said, "The poor will always be with us." And they will. So ACCEPT it. Go forth and prosper, and don't worry about whether or not your prosperity is at the expense of others (as long as your prosperity comes from legal and moral methods). Then, use a portion of your wealth to help the less fortunate to at least survive. But do not put government in that role, because government is too far removed and cannot be efficient, effective nor fair. Help your neighbor, but not to the point that it hurts you. Because if YOU go down, who will then be there to help that neighbor tomorrow?

Fight for your COUNTRY, but not for your GOVERNMENT. You need to RULE your government, not vice versa. Government is only the servant of the people when the people fight to control it, keep it weaker than the people, and question its every move. After all, the government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take everything you have.