Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Liberal Lemmings - Incapable Of Independent Thought

So HuffPost/AOL & other liberal media posts a story about two morons at the Republican Convention who threw nuts at a black CNN camerawoman and said, "This is how we feed animals". And right away the left, frothing at the mouth, are quick to point out that ALL Republicans are like that.

What they never even bother to ask is WHO were these people? Were they even Republicans, or were they liberal shills hired to do precisely this, to taint the Republican party at its own convention?

Since the mindless lemmings who follow their liberal leaders will not ask the all important question, I will...

Would ANY republican - even a hard-core racist one - jeopardize the election by doing something so obviously racist, that they KNOW will get reported (note vthey purposely CHOSE a CNN team), and they KNOW will make Republicans look bad, and they KNOW would hurt Republican chances of winning? Why would they do that? There is only ONE reason why a person would choose a black CNN person to insult - they WANT it reported, which means they WANT Republicans to get a "black eye". Which means - um, they were not Republicans.

Not even the dumbest person, Republican or Democrat, would do that. In fact, I would go so far as to say even Joe Biden would not say or do something that dumb.

No, those clowns were not Republicans. They were there for the express purpose of doing the Republican party harm. Liberal shills.

After all, think about this - TWO people doing the same inappropriate, bone-headed thing. Ask yourself - if the person next to you should do something like that, would you also do it just because he did? Not even if he were your brother. The likelihood that two people would do the same thing is almost nil UNLESS it was staged.

So, to all the liberal lemmings out there who cannot think for yourselves, let me postulate something for you to ponder - if two conservatives were to attend the Democratic Convention, and they were to disparage a female FOX reporter by throwing condoms at her, do you think it would be fair for all Democrats to be labeled as woman haters?


Just once I wish liberals would actually stop long enough to actually THINK.

Yeah, right...


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