Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bucky Balls and the Nanny State

First, a couple of facts:

* In the United States, 1,946 children (0-18) died in fires in 2000

* 121 children have died from suffocation from ballons in the 15 years between 1973 and 1988 according to a report by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission

Recently, the same Consumer Product Safety idiots have decided that the company that makes BUCKY BALLS should stop making them because they are a threat to children. Since their inception, a grand total of 12 kids have swallowed them.

It does not matter to the CPSC that there are adequate warning labels all over the product packaging and their website stating emphatically they should be kept away from children.

Nor does it seem hypocritical to the CPSC that every year, 39,000 kids swallow government minted coins - but they don't seem to be trying to stop the minting of coinage.

This stinks a lot of partisan nit[icking - like the makers of Gibson guitars, being penalized by the government without ever having been charged, simply because the company supports Republicans - well, it just stinks of partisan politics - the kind that only the Democrats seem to participate in, in any great number.

The government needs to BUTT OUT. They are csupposed to be providing an environment that is conducive to business, not one that stifles business. The latter is what fascist governments do.


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