Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Flattering, Yes, But Frustrating As Hell

This morning on Fox & Friends they interviewed Dave Ramsey, a financial guy they turn to pretty regularly. And he is good. Very good. But this morning I was disappointed that Mr. Ramsey accepted credit for formulating the "debt snowball" method of erasing your family debts effectively.

The reason I was so disappointed is that I had posted that strategy right here on my blog on October 3, 2007. That's 5 years ago! But that was not even the first time I wrote it - I also included it in my book published in 1991 - 21 years ago. And I first devised and used this method to rid myself of debt back in 1974.

While it is incredibly flattering to have someone of Dave Ramsey's stature to tout a strategy that I had provided to my readers for over two decades, it is frustrating to know others often get credit for my work.

Nonetheless, the more important thing is that the info is getting out there. And if Mr. Ramsey wants credit for it, so be it. As long as it helps people, that is what is important. While I would like the credit, I don't need it.

But it is still frustrating.


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