Monday, August 20, 2012

Illegal Immigrants And Driver's Licenses

President Barack Obama's new immigration program will mean some undocumented immigrants will be granted driver's licenses. And in some places like California, there are bills pending that would allow ANY illegal immigrant to obtain a driver's license.

Some serious concerns here. People with a driver's license can fly, enter federal buildings, and even vote! Imagine, Mexico determining who will run America.

I suggest some sanity in place of all the liberal insanity - IF they insist on giving illegals all the same privileges as citizens, the very least they can do is have a SPECIAL driver's license for illegals. Such a license would be a different color AND have the word UNDOCUMENTED or NON-CITIZEN stamped across the face in bold letters. This would make it less likely that illegals would be packing the voting booths.

Certainly, let them get a license, and have to pass the test for safety. But do not let it become a license to vote.


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