Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Denver Liberals Punish Small Catholic-Based Business

A small company called HERCULES has spent the last 50 years generously helping their community, and providing their employees with top-notch health insurance. So, the City Council decided to give them their prestigious Citizenship Award.

But then the Catholic-based company fought ObamaCare for trying to mandate that religious people must provide contraceptive, abortions etc. in their health plans.

And to the far-left lunatics on the Denver City Council, fighting ObamaCare and abortion is an unforgiveable sin, so they decided to revoke the award.

I'm sorry if this sounds old-fashioned, but if a person or company earns an award, they should get it, and everyone should keep the personal ideologies out of it.

It is absolutely disgusting that the Denver liberals abuse their power and authority (as all liberals do) to punish someone they disagree with. You rarely see conservatives do that. DENVER VOTERS TAKE NOTE: People like that do not deserve to hold positions of authority.


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