Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Voter ID Laws Back In The News

A judge has decided not to grant an injunction against Pennsylvania's Voter I.D. law.

Critics say it will prevent citizens from being able to vote because they cannot get an I.D.

Hogwash! State-issued I.D.s are available for FREE to all who want one. But critics say that many people do not have the documents necessary to prove citizenship. Really? Why not? Anyone born in America can request a copy of their birth certificate from either Vital Records or the hospital in which they were born.

Moreover, if they are a LEGAL citizen, and old enough to vote, they need to have a Social Security number - which required proof of citizenship. So, for anyone to claim people cannot get a voter I.D. is just so much blarney.

If you have a bank account, you needed I.D. If you ever cash a check (such as a paycheck) you need I.D. Beer, smokes etc. - I.D. required. A movie rated "R" - I.D. needed. Married? I.D. needed.

Anyone who drives, is married, drinks alcohol, smokes or gets a paycheck has I.D. already.  And anyone who does none of that is on welfare - which also requires I.D.

No one - I repeat, NO ONE who is a legal citizen of the U.S. is without I.D., or without the ability to obtain I.D.

Under the old system, anyone could vote - even illegal immigrants, or terrorists from Afghanistan. All that was required was to show that you pay rent, or get a utility bill. And when so many who are not entitled to vote are given the opportunity to vote, we lose our country.

It's that simple.


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