Friday, May 21, 2010

The Sandbox

I don't know about anyone else but I am getting sick and tired of a government run by immature, highly incompetent imbeciles.

Today, on orders from the administration, ICE (immigration enforcement) has declared they
will refuse to do their job and not handle any illegal immigrants picked up by Arizona.

How childish - "If you don't want to play MY way then I'm going to pick up my ball and go home." Hey there, ICE - you are being PAID to do the job, so DO it or get the Hell out of the way for people who WILL do it!

Anyone - EVERYONE - who voted for Obama should be thoroughly ashamed and disgusted by now. So childish, yet still a Chicago mobster at heart. Remember when he said he was "going to focus like a laser on jobs"? Have you seen any of that yet? I haven't. Instead, he focuses on every socialist issue the progressives have been trying to get done for a century. Nothing on jobs. Nothing!

And how about that bipartisanship? His idea of bipartisan is "we'll make all the rules and laws - you just sit down, shut up and vote for it or we'll call you obstructionists."

Transparency? What a laugh. All back room, closed door dealing, and hiding everything. They won't even let the press ask a nominee for the Supreme Court any questions at all. None! And he has not had a press conference since last July!

Maybe would should include a "probationary period" with the presidency - if he isn't doing what he promised in the first year, we could simply pull his probation and send him packing.

I see all the terrible damage this "comic-in-chief" has wrought upon us in just 16 months and it really scares me that he has another two and a half years...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loyalty? Not FromThe White House

Last year, Arlen Specter defected from the Republican party to be a Democrat. President Obama then said he "loved Arlen Specter" and would "support him in the Pennsylvania primary".

Last week Arlen Specter asked Obama to PLEASE come and support him in the Pennsylvania race.

The White House response: Arlen supported TARP, the Stimulus and Health Care. We got what we needed from him. And then promptly refused to support him.

Looks like the White House has rats - the kind who desert sinking ships in order to cover their own butts. They certainly know nothing of loyalty, but seem to know a lot about betrayal.

Here is the untold story...

Obama refused to campaign for Specter because he knew what everyone knew - Sestak would be a stronger candidate against Toomey in November. They knew Specter could not beat Toomey. So, as is typical of the Liberal Machine, they threw Specter under the bus in order to further thie own agenda.

There was a time when I was keeping track of the people Obama threw under the bus. But I lost track. Ayers, Wright, ACORN, his grandmother, his aunt, his half-brother, Specter...



El Presidente

It seems Mexico's President is among the world's greatest hypocrites.

First, he says the illegal immigration problem is our own fault, for not curbing our "desire for drugs".

Then he says the Arizona law "discriminates against Mexicans". No, it does not. Like every other law on the books it discriminates against law-breakers. If you cross the border illegally, you have broken the law. And laws are designed to punish law-breakers. If most of them are Mexican, then perhaps President Calderone needs to work harder to improve things in his own country so his people do not need to come here to survive.

Calderone also says we need to do more to improve our government. That is really absurd, coming from a man who cannot control his own.

And he goes on to say that America needs to welcome Mexicans. Oh, sure - meanwhile, Mexican law says anyone crossing THEIR border illegally goes straight to prison.

What a hypocrite. And any American who agrees with Calderone is even worse, because having the benefits of being American, they should know better.

There are 6 billion people on this planet. About half would prefer to live in America. If America were to have the "open borders" that liberals want, there is no way we could sustain a decent standard of living - America cannot sustain or support ten times its current population. Or even double the population.

Not to mention, with open borders the people who want to kill us will be able to come here, also.

Look at our overcrowded schools, going broke - can we triple or quadruple the number of students by opening our borders?

Look at our over-burdened health care system - can we triple the number of people using it without creating dire consequences?

Our crowed roads and highways, already cause for much road rage and millions of wasted hours in traffic, and millions of wasted gallons of gas. Imagine tripling the number of vehicles!

Then they would all need homes - where to build them? Because they would also need jobs and services - which would use up all available room in our landscape.

Multiply the amount of living space, parking space, working space and road space required by an extra 300 or 600 million people. Real estate is not expanding - there is what there is, and when it's gone it's gone.

Now ask yourselves - is that the America you want for your children?


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A REal Surprise - NOT!

(May 17) -- After a decade-long bid, President Barack Obama's Kenyan aunt has been allowed to stay in the United States, her lawyers said today. The ruling in favor of Zeituni Onyango -- the 58-year-old half sister of Obama's father, Barack Obama Sr. -- was made Friday by an immigration judge in Boston.

Bear in mind - this woman was ordered deported TWICE by immigration judges. But that was in 2003 and 2004, before Obama became president.

Also note - this woman defied those orders both times, collected welfare the entire time, insisting on violating our federal laws. A scofflaw.

Gee - sounds like the kind of person America needs to have more of, doesn't it?


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Solution To Illegal Immigration

The following solution to the problem of illegal immigration is so simple and so effective that neither the right nor the left will like it, because it will not fuel their political agendas. But with an issue such as this, we would all be better served to leave the politics out of it.

1) Secure the border. Before a doctor can operate and fix a problem, he must first stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient.

2) Only AFTER the border has been secured, offer every illegal who is already here a choice. The choices are as follows:

CHOICE #1 - Pass a criminal records check and we will issue you a guest worker permit, and you can stay as long as you wish without fear of deportation as long as you abide by our laws and respect our sovereignty. This is not Mexico - we fly the American flag. The one stipulation is that every three years the "guest worker" must return to his homeland for 30 days, to insure he does not forfeit his own citizenship in his own country. However, under NO circumstances will he ever be permitted American citizenship. We do not reward bad behavior, and coming here in violation of our laws and disrespecting our sovereignty means you forfeit any path to citizenship. No exceptions for guest workers.

CHOICE #2 - If your really want to be an American citizen, return to your homeland and re-enter legally. There is NO other path to citizenship. Period.

Here is why the right will not like this - it allows the illegals to stay, which they would view as "amnesty", even though there is no path to citizenship.

The left would never vote for this because they want every illegal alien to become a voting citizen - because minorities tend to vote Democrat because Democrats pass, and protect, the entitlements that minorities have become addicted to.

But in spite of their arguments, the solution offered here is not only fair, but is simple and would work. And that is what we need, is it not?


Friday, May 14, 2010

High Level Of Incompetence

For nearly two weeks Attorney General Holder has been saying the Arizona immigration law is unconstitutional and allows for racial profiling, and he says he plans on suing Arizona.

Yet, in a Congressional hearing yesterday, a senator asked Holder if he had even bothered to READ the 10 page bill.

"No, I have not" said Holder.

So we have an AG who opposes a law he has never read.

Not unlike 100 Senators and more than 400 representatives who pass bills THEY have never read.

Our government is being run by incompetent amateurs. I hope Americans have enough sense to run them out of office in November.


Friday, May 7, 2010

16 Months

For 16 months President Obama has been promising to put JOBS as the #1 issue he would tackle. And for 16 months he has tackled health care, Guantanamo, Cap & Trade, Immigration and numerous other issues - and he STILL is not focused on JOBS.

Mr. President, we don't ask for much. But if it would not trouble you too much, could you please try to squeeze JOBS into your agenda?

We know you really do not want the economy to improve - it would be so much easier to push through your socialist agenda if the people are desperate and fearful. Make things bad enough and folks will grasp at any straw - even Marxism.

Perhaps that is why, of all the issues you have tackled, none were designed for improving the economy and all were designed to put us further into debt.

In that regard, Mr. President, from the viewpoint of other Marxists and crime leaders, you have been quite successful.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moron Or Con?

OK, so the King of Global Warming hysteria is Al Gore. That's a given. We accept that. And according to "Chicken Little" Al, global warming will raise sea levels 20 feet - coastlines will be gone, and the oceans of the world will reach a mile or more inland.

But now we find out that Mr. Chicken Little just bought a $9,000,000 mansion in California - OCEANFRONT PROPERTY!

OK, Mr. Gore - either you believe your own hype and you are a complete moron for wasting money on a home soon to be under the Pacific, or you do not believe your own BS and you are a master con artist.

I already know the answer. But each of you readers should think about this, and come up with your own.

My answer: he is a con artist when it comes to global warming, AND he is a moron for thinking we are all so brain-dead that we would not notice he bought this place. And frankly, I am sick and tired of politicians and elitists thinking the rest of us are a bunch of idiots and sheep.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Why the Poor Get Poorer

I have had several people ask me to once again explain how taxing the rich, or businesses, results in taxing the poor. Others have flatly disagreed - they cannot see the larger picture. So, if you will bear with me for just a few minutes, perhaps I can clarify.

First, I can state emphatically that the rich do not pay any taxes - not ever. And the poor pay all the taxes - always. And that is precisely how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Now for proof of the pudding.

Let us say Joe is poor, and Mark is rich. Joe eats a lot of Ramen soup because it's cheap. Mark's company makes the Ramen soup. Joe works for Mark.

The government increases Mark's taxes. They also increase the taxes on capital gains. This pleases Joe.

Since Mark's taxes have increased, and he is not in business to lose money, he must now raise the cost of the Ramen that Joe buys. Suddenly, Joe is not so pleased.

Mark also reduces company benefits, and lays Joe off because the increase on capital gains has forced investors to stop investing in his company. Needless to say, Joe is REALLY unhappy now - and poorer than ever.

But it is much worse than that - increased taxes on EVERY business and rich person has resulted in the prices of all products and services to increase. Joe is now paying more for gas, his lawn mower, milk, pizza, movies, tires, car - everything he buys is now more expensive, because businesses always pass off any increase in costs - including taxes - onto the customers and employees. They have to.

The only people who cannot pass these added costs onto others are the poor - there is no one below them to pass them to.

This is how capitalism works. Every time.

Increasing taxes - regardless of who you tax - always harms the economy, increases unemployment, decreases investments that make the economy grow, and makes the poor even poorer.

Even you, the working stiff, pass on your taxes to people below you. Yes, you do. In order to pay taxes, you must earn more money than if you did not have any taxes to pay. Your paycheck reflects that. As businesses increase prices because of higher taxes, those higher prices mean YOU pay higher sales taxes (when the price goes up on an item, so does the amount of tax - you pay 5 cents on a one dollar item, and 6 cents on that item when the price increases to $1.20). So, when you get hit with higher property taxes, higher sales taxes etc., you have to ask for a raise, or you fall into poverty. And where do you think your boss is going to get that money - he has no money tree. He will get it from his customers by way of higher prices (again), which results in even higher cost of goods, plus higher sales taxes on those higher prices. But you have effectively passed on your taxes to those below you.

Every penny of tax is passed down to those below. And it stops with the poor, because they cannot pass it down - they are already at the bottom. Who would they pass those costs onto?
When businesses are taxed more, or capital gains taxes are increased, the business must do one of three things if they are to stay in business. They must either increase the costs of their products/services, OR they must reduce company benefits and/or lay people off, OR a combination of the two. Regardless which they choose, it will result in a sagging economy, higher unemployment, fewer people insured (lost benefits), and the poor getting poorer.
There can be no other result.

On the other hand, you get the opposite result when you LOWER taxes. The cost of business becomes less costly, so businesses can hire more people. They become more competitive, driving prices down. This means the poor would have jobs and income, and the items they buy will not be increasing in price.

Here is a tidbit for you - until the income tax was passed into law in 1913, virtually everything remained reasonably stable in prices for over 100 years. As soon as the income tax was passed, it caused all prices to rise. And ever since 1913, prices have steadily risen according to the rise in taxation.

Virtually all economic problems originate from taxation. The higher the taxes, the bigger the problems.