Friday, August 3, 2012

Are Republicans Really The Party Of The Rich?

I am really, and I do mean REALLY sick of whiny, brain-dead liberals who keep crying that Republicans are the party of the rich fat cats and corporations, and buy elections. Here then are a few FACTS for a change:

Richest Americans, in order:

Bill Gates (liberal)
Warren Buffett (liberal)
Larry Ellison (liberal)
Koch brothers (conservative)
Christy Walton (conservative)
George Soros (liberal/socialist)
Sheldon Adelson (conservative)
Jim Walton (conservative)
Alice Walton (conservative)
S Robson Walton (unknown)
Michael Bloomberg (liberal/progressive)
Jeff Bezos (liberal)
Mark Zuckerberg (liberal)
Sergey Brin (liberal/socialist)
Larry Page (liberal/socialist)

9 of the 15 are liberals, giving to liberal causes and politicians. So all this whining crap from liberals about how "all the billionaires" are "right wing" and "buying elections" is just that - CRAP!

Just by looking at the top 3, whose wealth dwarfs everyone elses, you get the sense that liberals, not conservatives, are buying politicians. And of the 6 conservatives, only 2 have contributed a million or more. Of the 9 liberals, 6 have contributed over a million.

And in Congress, John Kerry (D) is by far the wealthiest. Not far behind are Jane Harmon (D). Jay Rockefeller (D), Mark Warner (D), Jaris Polis (D), Frank Lautenberg (D) and Diane Feinstein (D). In fact, 7 of the richest 10 Congressmen are Democrats.

So, the next time some lying, whiny little liberal tries to tell you that Republicans are the party of the rich, or trying to protect the rich, you can now hit them with facts they will not want to swallow. Maybe they will choke on them!


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