Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To Occupy Protestors - Try Occupying A Job

David Whitaker, a typical Occupy protestor in Tampa whined that he had nothing while a few people at the top had everything. What Mr. Whitaker and his ilk will never understand is WHY he is at the bottom while others reside at the top.

Whitaker wants it NOW. He doesn't want to earn it over a period of years. And he wants it EASY. He does not want to expend any effort to get ahead. What he does want to do is complain, and insist that others give him a free ride.

Whitaker thinks the rich were all born that way, or stole from others to get ahead.

Steve Jobs was not born with a silver spoon and he stole nothing. He got rich through hard work, sacrifice and years of busting his butt and providing products people were willing to pay for.

Henry Ford was born in poverty and never got past the 4th grade. But hard work, sacrifice and busting butt got him to the top.

Barbara Stanwick was a ragamuffin kid on the streets of New York, with no hope for anything better. But she was determined to have better, and after years of pushing herself and sacrificing, she made it.

Unless you win the lottery or a rich uncle dies, you have to pay your dues if you want to be on top. Those dues are hard work, sacrifice and investing all that you have into building a better future.

Whitaker doesn't have a clue. He wants what I have, but does not want to do what I had to do to get here.

I was born into a not-so-well-off family. With 6 brothers and two sisters, I was fortunate if I got hand-me-downs that still looked decent, or fit. I worked hard in school. I wanted to go to college but we did not have the money. I got a job in a foundry as a sweaty laborer. Instead of buying every stupid new toy or gizmo that hits the stores as kids do these days, I saved. No ordering out for pizza, no movies. I made years of sacrifices so I could afford night classes at the local college. And years later I got my first degree. With it, I got a better job as Director of Quality Assurance for a worldwide company. And with much better pay, I easily earned more degrees, and could finally order a pizza.

I then invested everything I had into starting my own business. And for years it was touch-and-go, more sacrifice and 18 hour workdays.

And it paid off. I made it to the coveted "1%".

And Whitaker, who never did a damned thing worthwhile in his worthless life, only sees what I have NOW and wants to take what I have simply because he thinks everyone should have the same, regardless of whether or not you earn it.

Here's a newsflash for all the Whitakers out there - you can have everything I have as soon as you do everything I did. The ONLY thing America owes you is the SAME OPPORTUNITY. The opportunity to work hard, sacrifice and invest yourself for years. If you do not want to do that, then you deserve what you have - NOTHING!

As for everything else - YOU owe it to yourself. I don't owe you anything at all.


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