Monday, August 27, 2012

Circumcision Back In The News

It wasn't long ago (13 years) that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) said circumcision was not recommended. But that same group now says that the preventative health benefits of infant circumcision clearly outweigh the risks.

I posted that years ago. And when the AAP decided circumcision was unnecessary, I knew then and there that they had their heads up their butts.

AAP fell victim to the assertions of atheists and other non-believers that circumcision was simply a religious rite, outdated and useless. But INTELLIGENT people know otherwise - while it is, indeed, a religious rite, most religious rites were formulated for very real reasons.

Throughout the Bible we have a God who tells us what is, and is not, good for us. We were not advanced or knowledgeable enough to know enough to keep us safe. People did not know eating pork could cause trichinosis (lockjaw), but God did, and told us not to eat pork. And He knew of diseases that could be transmitted by blood, so He said not to consume blood. And He said we should circumcise boys because He knew that urinary tract diseases and other sexual diseases are more easily contracted in the warm, moist folds of an uncircumcised organ.

And I learned that same thing again in first year Biology, way back in 19...well, let's not go there.

So I was surprised when the AAP suggested circumcision was unnecessary in 1999.

But those esteemed physicians have finally caught up with the masses who, while perhaps not educated in medicine, certainly have far more comon sense.

And that's true in all the sciences - scientists often get so caught up in their own little aspect of the world that they become myopic, and fail to see the larger picture.

The scientists who originally supported the Global Warming theory, then later distanced themselves from it, come to mind.


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