Thursday, August 30, 2012

HuffPost Lies About Ryan's Facts

It seems (not surprisingly) that HuffPost and other liberal media have found several "blatant lies" in Ryan's speech last night. Unfortunately for them, those "lies" are not lies at all

Fact according to HuffPost: While Ryan tried to pin the downgrade of the United States credit rating on spending under President Obama, the credit rating was actually downgraded because Republicans threatened not to raise the debt ceiling

Reality: The credit agencies do not rate according to perceived threats - only to actual circumstances that exist. S&P downgraded us because the policies of Obama led America to instability. These are the exact words from S&P: "The downgrade reflects our opinion that the plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government's medium-term debt dynamics." In other words, it had nothing to do with threats to not raise the debt ceiling - that had already been raised before S&P made that decision on August 5, 2011. So, it is HuffingtonPost that is lying, not Ryan.

Fact according to HuffPost: While Ryan blamed President Obama for the shut down of a GM plant in Janesville, Wisconsin, the plant was actually closed under President George W. Bush

Reality: Ryan did not blame Obama for the shutdown. Ryan said Obama did not keep it open after having promised to do so. It was SLATED to close under Bush, but was closed 12/23/08. Ryan said, and this is factual, that Obama had told the Janesville workers in February 2008 that he would keep the plant open for "another 100 years" with government help if he were elected. He did not, so he lied to the voters of Janesville to get their votes. So not only is HuffPost lying, so did Obama. In fact, Ryan actually asked for federal spending to save the plant but his request fell on deaf ears.

Fact according to HuffPost: Though Ryan insisted that President Obama wants to give all the credit
for private sector success to government, that isn't what the president said. Period.

Reality: Never allowing the truth to get in the way, this is what liberals want you to believe. But facts are funny things - they remain facts. Obama did, indeed, state unequivically that "you didn't build that", that the government helped. The statement indicates if government did not help, businesses could never succeed. Any way you cut it, Obama said the credit goes to government

Fact according to HuffPost: Though Paul Ryan accused President Obama of taking $716 billion out of
Medicare, that amount was savings in Medicare reimbursement rates (which, incidentally, save Medicare recipients out-of-pocket costs, too) and Ryan himself embraced these savings in his budget plan

Reality: Not even close to being true.The $716B Obama took from Medicare was taken regardless of any perceived or unproven "savings" in reimbursement rates. And it doesn't matter - it still results in $716B OUT of Medicare and into ObamaCare. And savings from reimbursements cannot possibly save "out-of-pocket" costs - if the government cuts rates further, doctors and hospitals will no longer accept Medicare patients. Medicare already underpays them. In other words, you may have a pretty little Medicare card, but if no one accepts it, you don't get any care.


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