Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Nation Of Cowards?

In 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder said, "America is a nation of cowards."

While I seriously disagree with that statement - America is always the first to stand in the face of disaster and tryanny (until recently) - Holder's statement shows what those on the left not only believe, but what they wish to be true.

Take the Benghazi scandal as an example. Someone issued a "stand down" order that resulted in Americans being murdered. Those on the left - including Panetta, Hillary Clinton and Obama - believe that was the right decision because had we sent in help, "other American lives could have been lost."

That is the cowards outlook. America, however, has NEVER left its people behind without a fight! But liberals believe we should. They believe it is more important to run and hide than to stand and fight.

Those on the left say other lives MIGHT HAVE been lost. MIGHT HAVE!!! Again, that is how cowards look at any fight. They do not even think that maybe, just maybe, instead of LOSING more lives we might have SAVED lives. That never occurs to them. Again, cowards on the left. What if instead of landing at Normandy we had instead decided to stay home, for fear that American lives would be lost? What if, on 9/11 the First Responders had decided to just stand back and watch, for fear of losing their lives?

Eric Holder is true to the liberal line of thinking. It is he and his kind, not America, who are the cowards. Hell, they are even afraid to tell the truth about anything!


Monday, May 13, 2013

The "Know Nothin" President

I have never seen anything like this! The United States of America now has a President who not only does not know what leadership is, but does not know much of anything at all that goes on in his administration.

Just in recent months, our president stated he did not know who attacked our consulate in Benghazi, does not know who gave the order to "stand down", and does not know who gave Susan Rice her talking points. And just since Friday, he has stated he knew nothing about the IRS breaking federal law by targeting conservatives for political purposes, and he knows nothing about the Justice Department seizing phone records from the Associated Press without explanation.

I gotta ask - if, as the liberals claim, Obama is SO intelligent, why is it he knows NOTHING of what goes on in his own administration, or even in the White House?

There are only two possibilities - either Obama and his administration are completely corrupt, or they are completely incompetent. But in either case, they certainly should not be in any position of power higher than that of Road Kill Clean-Up Crew.

I do not believe Obama and his minions are incompetent. I think they are typical, corrupt Chicago thugs.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Benghazi Cover-Up - WHY?

All who are familiar with the inconsistencies and deceptions from the Obama Administration concerning the terrorist attack on our Consulate in Benghazi fully understand that there has been a massive, concerted effort to cover it up. What no one seems to know is WHY?

While there may be some truth in the theory that the attack occured because our government was covertly sending Libyan arms to Syria and got caught, that would be one reason for a cover-up. But regardless of the reason for the attack, there is a certain other reason for a cover-up.

Consider that Obama snatched the presidency from Hillary Clinton. Now consider that, to appease the powerful Clintons and to get them to work with Obama, the administration makes a deal with them - they would make Hillary Secretary of State, so that she could build up her resume with some major foreign policy experience so she would have an easy time winning the White House in 2016. Consider, too, that the Democrat party does not have ANYONE who could beat Hillary in 2016.

So what we now have is an administration dedicated to keeping control of America in 2016 by ensuring the election of Clinton.

But Clinton screwed up, BIG time, with Benghazi. She refused to send the support and help that the Ambassador repeatedly requested. She ignored the real threat. And between them, Clinton and Obama were asleep at the wheel when the "call came in at 3:00 am." And our people died.

It would immediately be seen as a devastating blow to both the administration and the Democrat's chances of winning the White House in 2016 if the people got even a hint that Hillary screwed up so badly, and that Obama did nothing to help our people who were under attack.

And almost before the sun arose next morning, Susan Rice was lying on all 5 major morning shows, and since then the administration has done everything in its power to sweep this under the rug. Survivors were threatened into silence. A stupid video no one ever saw was blamed. Lie after lie was invented and trotted out, hoping to "wait out the clock." And the liberal media acted in collusion with the administration, keeping the truth from the people.

We may not be certain as to why the consulate was attacked, but I am 100% certain as to why it was covered up so aggressively.