Friday, August 31, 2012

Obama Camp Complains Romney Never Mentioned Afghanistan

After watching the Republican Convention (which, by the way, they said they did not watch), the biggest complaint the Obama campaign has is that Romney failed as a leader because he never mentioned the war in Afghanistan or what he would do about it.

Pardon me for stating the obvious, but that is Obama's war. He was the one who said in 2008 it was a just war that needed to be fought. In addition, he has already ordered that the troops leave by a certain date. It has already been decided.

So, tell me, Mr. Obama - exactly what should Romney have said about the war? And exactly what would you expect him to do about it, since it is already a "done deal" by your own hand?

Frankly, you should feel lucky he did not mention Afghanistan. For if he had, he would have had to remind people that you wanted to fight the war, you spent a trillion bucks on it, and you already decided how and when it would end.

So, what would you have had Romney say, Mr. President? That you were wrong?


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