Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Will Unions Become Political Orphans?

Unions have typically funded (heavily) and campaigned for (aggressively) the Democrats, and Democrats have always voted to strengthen the unions. But recent turns of events may be changing that relationship. The head of the AFL-CIO even went so far as to say they will not be contributing as much in the future, and Democrats in Washington have been turning their backs on unions as public opinion on unions shift, and membership tumbles by the hundreds of thousands.

And it appears that the once mighty unions, and the Democrats they were in bed with, are looking for a separation, if not an outright divorce.

The problem for unions is that they will no longer weild much political power, because the Republicans simply are not interested in being held hostage to unions, either. So it may come down to the unions becoming "orphaned", politically. Is that the "death knell" for unions?

Democrats sidle up to whoever has the votes and the money for campaigns. When the votes wither, and the well dries up, Democrats simply move on, looking for another sector of the population to cater to, and get votes from. They did it with unions, and are now throwing them under the bus. They did it with black people, and may be throwing them under the bus soon, since Asians are now the fastest growing race in America, followed by Hispanics. The Democrats have already been partying it up with Hispanics, but now that Asians are populating faster, watch for the Democrats to start coddling up to their special interests.

Democrats in Washington would favor Shariah Law if they thought it would get them enough votes to win elections. Bet on it.

Republicans are not perfect, either, but you don't see them throwing expensive freebies to groups in order to cultivate their votes. You won't see them chaining themselves to hostage takers like the Unions, being bought off even when it goes against their own beliefs. When a Republican chases a voter bloc, they do so by promising to make America stronger for ALL, including them. But Democrats take the short cut and buy the votes of voter blocs by singling them out from the rest, then offering ONLY them some special treats, like amnesty, welfare, extended unemployment benefits, free birth control, free this, free that etc. You won't see Republicans stooping that low to get votes.

And it all boils down to the simple fact that Democrat politicians are fair-weather friends, at best, and will abandon you in a heartbeat if your votes or money dries up. And that is why it looks like Unions are to be orphaned.


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