Monday, June 25, 2012

Now Obama Wants Your Wedding Gifts

This is sick - REALLY sick!

The Obama campaign has a "wedding registry" page that asks newlyweds to have their guests, in lieu of a wedding gift to the bride and groom, to instead give the cash to the Obama campaign in your name.

How sick is that? I can see it now - the young woman, about to embark on the greatest day of her life decides, "Hey, I think I will turn my wedding into a political statement. Not only that, but I will start my new marriage off by alienating any Republicans or Independents that may be in our families. Yeah, that sounds like fun! Okay, everybody - instead of getting us something we need for starting a marriage, please give your money to that multi-millionaire in the White House to help him get re-elected."

What's next? "Hey kiddies, when you make out your Christmas list to Santa, ask him to just donate all your gifts to ME, because I am SO great and wonderful, and deserve everything. And when you have your Easter egg hunt, don't forget to drop your goodies off at the White House. Oh, and let's not forget Hallowe'en!"

Obama and his cohorts in corruption are sick, and need to go.


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