Thursday, June 21, 2012

Instead Of Voter I.D. Laws...

I have been briefly recapping the first term of the current administration. And it amazes me that some people are not as bright as a single LED, whereas they will once again vote for the guy who, in just three short years...
* Increased the debt by $5 trillion

* Backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and invited them into the White House

* Brought unemployment above 8% for every month he has been in office

* Spent nearly a trillion bucks on stimulus that only stimulated his donors

* Presided over the only credit downgrade of America in its history

* Blew 2 billion taxpayer bucks on "green" companies like Solyndra that went bankrupt

* Robbed GM stock and bond holders of their share of GM, giving it to his union buds

* Tried to stop Boeing from creating jobs in South Carolina

* Stopped the Keystone Pipeline and prevented thousands of great jobs

* Stopped drilling in the Gulf and offshore as much as he could

* Tries to infringe on freedom of religion by forcing taxpayers to pay for contraceptive, even if their religion forbids it

* Takes the inventory from Gibson Guitar without filing ANY charges against them

* Cut $500 billion from Medicare in Obamacare

* Refused to defend/enforce a legally passed law - Defense of Marriage Act

* Refused to enforce immigration laws

* Authorizes the use of 50,000 drones to spy on AMERICANS

* Was a member of the socialist NEW Party in Chicago

* Several leaks that seriously compromised national security coming from his administration

* Is pushing for the Law of the Sea Treaty which would take away American sovereignty and freedom (AND billions of our dollars)

* Sued several states for passing immigration laws

* Sued several states for passing Voter ID laws

* Passed a multi-trillion dollar, invasive, ineffective health care bill

* Presided over the administration responsible for Fast & Furious and the death of a border agent

* Asserted "Executive Privilege" to cover up the administration's culpability in Fast & Furious

* And several times by-passed a legally elected Congress in order to dictate laws, as if he were a King

And in spite of all this and more, many blind, foolish, demented people will still vote for him, like rats following the Pied Piper to drown in the sea.

I contend we do not need a Voter I.D. law. Instead, we need a Voter I.Q. Law!


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