Monday, June 11, 2012

Does WH Need "Depends" To Stop The Leaks?

Eight serious leaks this year, each of which violates the Espionage Act because they harm the country and the government's ability to protect us. It used to be a Death Penalty offense, right up there with treason (which it really is).

In studying those leaks I asked a simple question - "WHO had that Top Secret information?" And the simple answer was, "Only people in the administration had all that information."

Then I asked, "The purpose of a leak is to benefit someone - who does these leaks benefit?" Again, the answer was the administration - each one made Obama look like a good, strong leader. And in an election year no less.

So Congress wants an INDEPENDENT prosecuter to look into this, but guess what? The administration says "no". The administration decided to have the administration (Holder) look into it, and to insure the investigation is not completed before the election. Again I ask, "Why?" We all know why - if the administration is NOT complicit, they would WANT the results to be made public before the election. The only reason I can think of to drag it out is because they know someone in the administration is a traitor.

I don't care what anyone else says or thinks - I believe one or more of the folks in the White House are complicit in acts of espionage for the express purpose of making themselves and/or the President look good. And frankly, I would not be surprised if this came from the top. Just my opinion.

Maybe if we all were to send a DEPENDS to the White House they would get the message to STOP THE LEAKS!

Just my opinion - but it is an opinion founded in the simple answers to simple questions.


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