Thursday, June 21, 2012

Still Waiting For That "Very Special American" To Show

On December 26 last year, I put forth a challenge - "If you know of any legal citizen who would LIKE to vote but cannot because they are unable to procure a photo ID, let me know and I will pay for them getting such an ID."

I am still waiting for someone - anyone - to produce such a person. Could it be there is no such thing? To reiterate, it would be a person who wants to vote but has never cashed a check at a bank, never used a check at a store, never bought alcoholics beverages or tobacco products, doesn't drive a motor vehicle, never flies on an airline, never collected any form of public assistance, i.e. food stamps, fuel assistance, WIC, Section 8 etc., does not have a passport, never purchased a firearm and never got a marriage license.

Please, if you know such a person, let me know.


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