Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things We Learned About Democrats Today

A big news day today, and in making the news, the Democrats showed us who and what they really are.

1) For months the Democrats, led by Obama, expressly stated the mandate in ObamaCare was NOT a tax. That was the only way they could get it passed. Come to find out, it IS a tax. The Democrats, led by Obama, perpetrated a fraud on the American people. A HUGE fraud. They lied about it not being a tax so they could pass it, then it suddenly became a tax on the middle class. Yeah, the middle class. Poor people don't pay taxes and will get free insurance, and the wealthy can afford their own care. So guess who is holding the bag for the cost?

2) The Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, virtually said "F U" to Brian Terry's family. The Republicans are trying to get justice for Terry's family by holding the Attorney General accountable for his death, or to find out who is responsible. Pelosi and her gang of political misfit hacks simply walked out rather than vote on it. What they did was walk out on Brian Terry and his family, saying, "We don't give a damn that you want to know who is responsible for your son's death at the hands of this government. We're gonna keep it a secret because we refuse to be held accountable to you or anyone else."

The Democrats proved today that they do not care that an American died because of a government screw-up, and they proved they do not care about his family and their need for answers and closure. Partisanism is more important to the Democrats than human life.


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