Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The REAL Disenfranchised Voters

Did you know that almost half of all votes cast for President will not count? That's because the popular vote does not elect presidents - the Electoral College does.

Most states are rigged so that the winner of the popular vote (where all votes do count) will take ALL the Electoral College votes for that state. If you vote for the loser in your state, your vote is tossed.

As an example, let's say 40% of the voters in New Hampshire vote for "X", while 60% vote for "Y". All four of New Hampshire's electoral votes would go to "Y", as if every voter had voted for that person. If you voted for "X", you vote does not count - it is effectively erased. By giving all electoral votes to only the winner of the popular vote, the state says that YOU voted for "Y", even though you actually voted for "X".

In recent times, there have been two instances where the winner of the popular vote did not win the election because of this rigging.

It was not intended to work that way. Specifically, if "X" gets 40% of the popular vote, then "X" should get 40% of the electoral votes in that state. That is the only way that every vote counts.

So there you have it - if you live in a state that has an "all or nothing" method of electoral votes, your vote will not count if you are not among the majority. And that is wrong - EVERY vote should count.

Talk about disenfranchised voters! But don't expect Holder to look into THAT any time soon, because it's not about race!


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