Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Number of "Green Jobs" Is Inflated - A LOT!

In a Congressional hearing, Congressman Issa (R) questioned the guy at the Labor Department that came up with all those "green job" numbers that make Obama look good. Guess what? The guy admitted that many of those "green jobs" are not even close to being green jobs.

Issa asked if a janitor at a green facility was considered a green job


Is a bus driver who just happens to drive a hybrid bus a green job?


Is the gas station attendant who pumps gas into that hybrid bus a green job?


Being a clerk at a bicycle shop - is that a green job?


Following the fuzzy (dishonest) logic of the Obama folks, it appears that the guy who drills an "un-green" oil well is a green job because he produces the oil that is turned to gas so the gas station attendant could pump it into a hybrid bus.

And coal miners are "green" jobs because coal produces 70% of all electricity, and electricity is used in electric cars.

Seems to me Obama's Labor folks are really stretching to get decent numbers. Makes one wonder if they might be doing the same with OTHER "jobs numbers", like unemployment...


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