Monday, June 18, 2012

"Conference of Mayors" Votes Pro-Choice

When I first read that headline on HuffPost/AOL I thought it was a joke, since more than half of all Americans are pro-life. But as I read the article, the truth of the matter came to light DESPITE HuffPost's apparent attempt to hide the real truth by spinning the stats.

First, let's look at this "Conference of Mayors". It was comprised of mayors from "approximately 1200 towns and cities". Wow! But then a jolt of realization hits you - there are over 30,000 towns and cities in the United States. So, this "Conference of Mayors" only represented 4% of American towns and cities. And that begs the question, "Who, exactly, attended this 'conference'"?

Some of its leading sponsors include Michael Bloomberg of New York City, Ed Lee of San Francisco, Mike McGinn of Seattle, Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, Pedro Segarra of Hartford, Conn. and Sam Adams of Portland, Ore.

Do you notice anything about the mayors who sponsored this "conference"? Every one is from the uber-liberal metropolitan areas of America - strictly from the bluest of the "blue zone."

So it becomes clear - the REAL headline - and the truth, if HuffPost were to print it - would read "Conference of LIBERAL Mayors Vote Pro-Choice."

Nice try, HuffPost. And while you can certainly fool the fools who follow your garbage, you still cannot fool intelligent, thinking people.


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