Monday, June 18, 2012

Why Islam Really Wants To Destroy Israel

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Islam is so intent on destroying Israel, all Jews, and even Christianity, which arose from Judism. But it really is no big secret for those who simply read the story of Abraham in the Bible.

Abraham had two sons - one, Isaac, was fair-skinned who would father the Hebrew nations. The other, Ishmael, was dark-skinned and would spawn the Arab nations.

When Abraham was going blind and dying, he was about to bestow everything to his eldest, favored son, Isaac. Isaac would receive all the lands and all that Abraham held. Ishmael would serve Isaac.

Ishmael was not at all happy about that, so he fooled his blind father into thinking he was Isaac, whereupon Abraham officially bestowed all his welath and lands to Ishmael, believing him to be Isaac.

Ishmael, using treachery and deceit, stole everything from Isaac, the rightful heir. Not wanting any witness to his treachery, Ishmael wanted only to destroy Isaac, but Isaac survived.

Isaac fathered the Hebrew tribes, which would follow Judism. Ishmael, the deceiver, sired the Arab nations. And ever since Ishmael stole Isaac's birthright, Ishmael and his people have wanted to destroy Isaac and his people, for only the complete destruction of the Jews would provide legitimacy to the rights of the Arabs - there are only two ways to have legitimacy: by birthright, or by survivorship. Ishmael, as the younger son did not have the birthright, so he had a need to be the only surviving son.

And that is why the Arabs want to destroy the Jews. It is why Islam wants to destroy Judism, Israel and Christianity.

It is worthy to note that even in the very beginning, the "Arab" was the deceiver and destroyer, while the "Jew" was the peacemaker simply trying to survive against his enemy. And so it remains, thousands of years later.


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