Monday, June 25, 2012

Are African-Americans REALLY Unrepresented?

All day long I have been hearing liberals whining about how African-Americans are not adequately represented in positions of power. They refer to that stupid, divisive commercial that some loons on the left have put out, touting how white people get special treatment.

I looked into it.

Seems that blacks represent about 12% of the population. And they hold 43 of the 535 seats of Congress. Pretty close, really, considering we don't elect people using affirmative action - we elect the people we think will do the job best.

I also notice that we currently have an black president and black Attorney General, who surrounds himself with blacks. And two of the last three  Secretaries of State were black.

I'm having trouble seeing how African Americans are "powerless" in a "white" America.

Especially since the Census Bureau just told us that whites are now a minority in America...

Hey, there, whiny libs - cut the crap, grow a set and stop trying to twist the facts to suit your stupid agenda. We're not buying it.


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