Saturday, June 30, 2012

Is The Deck Stacked Against Freedom of Religion?

Most people are not even aware of a very serious attack on our Freedom of Religion. Thanks to the far-left loons on the liberal Warren court in the 60's, religion has been kicked out of schools. But guess what? Atheism has not. Atheist Clubs are on the rise in U.S. High Schools.

So there it is - you can learn about atheism in school, but you cannot learn about religion. Pretty one-sided. And that is exactly how liberals force their beliefs on others - by stifling free speech if it does not agree with them.

They do the same thing with Creation vs Evolution - in most schools it is ILLEGAL to teach Creationism, but is mandatory to teach Evolution. Again, they cannot win the argument so they shut down the discussion and make it one-sided. THEIR side.

And they do the same with the so-called "Climate Change", even though most sane scientists no longer subscribe to it.

Now you know why so many liberal school administrators are also working overtime to shut out Christmas, Easter and any other religious holiday.

And they do it with their nanny-state need to regulate everything in life - they ban soda, treats, candy, anything THEY consider junk food, when in fact they have NO right to dictate what choices people make.

They have ONE purpose, and should stick to it - educating our kids, not brainwashing them.

We, the People should stand up and force schools to limit their educational curricula to PROVEN FACTS, and in any instance where the subject is NOT a proven fact (evolution, climate change, atheism etc.) they should be forced to present ALL sides in an UNBIASED manner, so students can make their own informed choices.

If it is not a fact, do not teach it as though it were.


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