Saturday, June 23, 2012

Response to "Repack Rider"

Someone using the handle "Repack Rider" sent a rather uninformed comment to my blog on Romney's horses being used for therapy for his wife's MS. Normally I would not even bother taking on a clown like this, but he deserves a response.

He wrote, "How do you "prescribe" dressage for someone without a horse? Can you get a dressage horse at a pharmacy?"

{REPLY] Not all prescriptions are filled in a pharmacy. Doctors often prescribe non-drugs, such as saunas, swimming, physical therapy and yes, even dressage. Let's see YOU get physical therapy at a pharmacy, Repack Rider. People without swimming pools go to a YMCA or YWCA. And there are therapy stables all over the country - there is on right here in the tiny town of Dayton, Maine. You (and other liberal naysayers) would have shown more cred - and intelligence - if you had simply gone to Google and typed in HORSES AS THERAPY before coming here and spouting your ignornance.

He then wrote, "Please identify ANY medical condition in which dressage is the standard course of treatment. See if you can find a reference in a medical journal to "dressage therapy" and its applications."

[REPLY] Why not just ask a doctor? It does not have to be a "standard" course of treatment. Are you so myopic that you think everything must fit into a standard design just to suit you? Why not just ask a doctor? In fact, just yesterday Dr. Marc Seigel, a rather famous doctor, was on television stating that dressage is often used as therapy, and that it works. Since he is a famous doctor, and you are not, I think I'll take his word over yours any day.
And then, to show how disconnected this jerk is, he added something that has nothing at all to do with anything, stating, "Disclaimer. I am a US Army veteran (E-5), and I'll bet you never served your country for a minute."
[REPLY] Wrong again, pal. I served two tours in Viet Nam (Da Nang) and returned home with a Purple Heart, only to be sneered at by liberal morons who have no respect for anyone or anything that does not walk in lockstep with themselves. And before me, my Dad served in the Marines in WWI, served in the Navy between the Great Wars, then signed up and served in the Army in WWII. My older brother never returned from Korea, and my kid brother was 22 year career Army. I come from a long line of military, dating back to the Battle of Lexington on the Concord Green in 1776, where 14 of my family stood against the British.
My family are fighters, "Repack". That's why I write this blog - it's another way I can fight for my country, rather than just sit back and complain, like you seem to do.
Now, "Repack Rider", feel free to explain how a person would go about filling a prescription for physical therapy at the local Walgreen's, since you think all prescriptions must be filled at a pharmacy. In the meantime, you may want to consider getting informed before telling the world how ignorant you are.
And to ALL who read my blogs - if I write something, and state it as a fact, you can take it to the bank that it has been thoroughly researched. Sometimes I will post my opinion, and it is clearly opinion. But my FACTS are always 100%. Anyone who has an issue with indiputable facts has issues that cannot be addressed by any blog.

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