Saturday, June 16, 2012

Can We Still Blame Bush?

A recent poll shows 68% of Americans blame Bush for the current poor economy. Of course, two wars and the bank bailout did drive up the debt, but can we still blame Bush for the CURRENT state of affairs?

From September 2009 - July 2010 we had three consecutive quarters of 4% growth, which is rather robust. It indicated that the "Bush recession" had ended. And so Obama got in front of the cam to state we were going to have a "recovery summer."

Since July 2010, growth has gone down consistently, and a NEW downturn is upon us. Employment rate is again creeping upwards, as is the cost of everything we buy. This cannot be attributed to Bush. THIS economy rests squarely upon the scant shoulders of Mr. Obama and his do-nothing Democrat-controlled Senate.

The Republican House has sent over 30 jobs bills to the Senate, but the Democrats will not even vote on them. The Republican house has presented budgets to the Senate, but the Democrat Senate - in violation of the Constitution - has not passed a budget in three years.

THIS current economic state is the direct result of the policies (or lack of good policies) of the President and the Democrat Senate.

Bush can no longer be blamed - at least, not rightfully.

And if your liberal friends contest this, just ask them one question: "In 2010 we elected a few Republicans to the House, and even before they were inaugurated, the liberals were screaming that those Republiccans still were not creating jobs. Yet Obama has been in office for nearly 4 years - so, how do they blame Republicans not even in office a week, but not blame Obama who has been in office for 4 years?


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