Monday, June 25, 2012

Common Sense For Health Care - Free Choice

How would you feel if the government were to dictate what groceries you would buy, based on what some people need? For example, some people may like - even need - broccoli, so you would be forced to buy broccoli even if you do not want it, in order to reduce the cost of broccoli for everyone. Because EVERYONE must buy it, the price goes down. So, your grocery list is pre-wriiten for you and you are forced to buy what is on that list, all in the name of "fairness" - you need to help others to afford the things THEY want.

I'm sure you would not like that. But that is exactly what the health care law does. In order to reduce the cost of some things, the government - and insurance companies - force you to pay for things you will never use. For example, mammograms. Virtually every insurance policy includes mammogram coverage. But what if you are a single male and will never use that coverage? It's your "broccoli".

And that is one reason why your insurance is so expensive - you are forced to include things you neither want nor need.

Insurance should be more like grocery shopping - you should be able to write your own shoipping list of the coverage you want and need, and shop for those individual parts just as you would shop for groceries. Get your prescription coverage over here at this "store", where the price is lowest, then get your major medical over there at that store. And when you get all the coverage you want, it gets packaged up in a co-op that puts it all together in one policy for you. And THAT would be the government's only role - to form co-ops based on policy types and package them up for convenience so you do not have to fill out forms for 10 different piece-meal policies. You simply turn your individual policy coverages over to the government and they package it into a single policy for you, and you pay one premium.

Yes, mammogram coverage would be more expensive because only those who need it would get the coverage. But then, that is THEIR responsibility. As much as it would be "nice" to help them pay for their mammograms - or contraceptives, for example - it simply is not our responsibility to support other people. And the ability to "shop around" for coverage will create competition which would likely reduce ALL costs of insurance, anyway, which would probably make up any difference.

But the grocery scenario still applies - if the Supreme Court allows ObamaCare to stand, then they are taking the position that citizens can be forced to buy whatever the government deems would make things "more fair" or "less expensive" for others. They could force you to pay for certain groceries, even if you never buy them or eat them. And certain cars. And hey - people with large properties need expensive lawn tractors - TOO expensive. So, to reduce costs, the government could force EVERYONE to pay a "lawn tractor fee" to build a pool to help big property owners to pay for their lawn tractors. YOU don't have a blade of grass, but you still have to pay for those who have 100 acres. And what about those terribly expensive private jets - maybe everyone should be forced to pay a "Jet Fee" so those poor elitists don't have to pay so much for their jets. It's only "fair".

Get it?

Regardless of which way the court leans on ObamaCare, don't forget to vote in November, because we do not want people to remain in office if they THINK and ACT socialist. Anyone who voted for ObamaCare needs to be kicked to the curb. If they stay in office, they will look for new ways to impose their beliefs on the rest of us, "for our own good". And we'll no longer be allowed to buy a large soda, use salt in a restaurant, or buy an occasional Twinkie. Oops! The liberals are already outlawing all those things....

Whatever happened to the "free choice" that liberals like to whine about when it comes to killing babies? Does free choice not apply to the rest of us, in our choices?


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