Saturday, June 2, 2012

This Says Everything You Need To Know About The Left

Today on HuffPost was an article about the upcoming recall election in Wisconsin.

One person commented as follows:


miss sandy .517 Fans
"I hope the good people of Wisconsin come out in droves to take their state back. If they fail, every Republican governor in this country will do the same thing to their states that Walker has done to Wisconsin. We, the American people cannot allow that. "

Now here's the meat of this - since Walker was elected, unemployment is DOWN. The budget is beginning to balance for the first time in awhile. Things are actually looking up, as businesses are now moving to Wisconsin because of the changes Walker has made.

But that doesn't faze the left - oh, no! As Miss Sandy said, "We, the American people cannot allow" other Republican governors in other states to do the same thing - making things better. After all, if Republicans succeed in making things better, it could be a very long time before the left gets elected to anything higher than Animal Control Officer.


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